Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bessie Morgan Rex - letter of November, Thanksgiving Eve, 1936.

This Rex family picture was taken in 1936 or 1937.
Morgan, Bessie, P. H. and Flora in front, Helen, with Maeser in front.

My dear boy,

These weeks sail by so [illegible] I find another week half gone before I get my letter written. Helen’s fountain pen is getting old & doesn’t work very well. The bottle of ink is in the church—so I take up my pencil to write you. This is miserable paper, but I suppose you can make out.

The night before Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for. I’m thankful I have a boy worthy to be a missionary. Thankful that none of them have caused me much worry so far in life. Let’s hope they continue.

I went to Evanston yesterday to Clara’s grandmother’s funeral. I suppose you have heard from Clara. I talked to her & her mother. She is a lovely girl. They had a very nice funeral.

Helen is crocheting on pillow cases. Daddy is going to clean the turkey. However, at the moment he is upstairs, & if he has a paper or magazine I shall be in bed and dreaming when he gets to the job of turkey picking. (You understand don’t you).

We will have a very quiet day tomorrow but it suits me fine. I’m afraid it will never be Over the River to Grandma’s house when I’m grandma. I’m too lazy I guess.
 We are sending you a picture of the new Recreation Hall. Isn’t it nice? But, oh boy raising the money. We are having some time, but we’ll have it. It just comes some how. I do hope it is taken care of after it is finished. It is going to be a beautiful  hall. Daddy says it is 101 ft long – 50 ft wide. People find fault and grumble, but wait.

We’re talking about boys getting up. We have decided that if mother loses her soul, it will be caused by her boys. This getting up in the morning. Morgan has stepped into his brother’s shoes, and all I get out of him in the morning is a grunt. Do you remember my dear/ Morgan says you swore once when I was especially aggravating. We are all laughing about those times (or was it you aggravating & I swore – which?)

It is morning I have some other mail to get off. I’m hoping your heart will be filled with Thanksgiving, if your stomach isn’t, or did they fix you up a dinner.

We haven’t had a letter for nearly three weeks. Of course I’m blaming the shipping strike. We will have to send you some more extra money for your Xmas. I hated to load the missionaries down, & we don’t like to send anything through
the mail right now. We don’t know how it would be delivered. Let us hope it will soon all be cleared up. Don’t get blue or discouraged if you don’t hear from us. The strike is just awful, affecting every part of the country.

Clara still loves you, I know, And does her mother console her.

Write every chance you get. The letters will get here sometime.

We all send our fondest love, and hugs and kisses.

The Lord is helping you I know, and helping us to raise money to send to you. Here’s for a Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. I think the Cultural Hall now Senior Citz has been pretty well taken care of all these years.

  2. She swore...I am So glad we are all human:)

  3. You’re right Flora Lee, and Grandma Bessie would surely be well pleased with the present use of their recreation hall—senior citizen center.

    I’m enjoying these brief glimpses of Grandma Bessie’s warmth and sense of humor. Speculating on who was aggravated and who swore was heartwarming. And not lost on you, Nancy. These letters have brought her before my eyes in such a real way. And the truth she penned as she teased on this night before Thanksgiving, that she would never be an Over the River to Grandma’s house kind of grandma, was sobering.