Friday, January 1, 2016

Great great grandmother Eliza Ann Hamilton Morgan's obituary.

Eliza Ann Hamilton and Garrard Morgan (about 1895)

I believe this picture may be the one Eliza Ann referred to in her 1895 letter posted here  written from her Champaign, Illinois home to daughter-in-law Mellie Morgan in Salt Lake. 

In the letter Eliza Ann described a beautiful silk darning bag relative Rettie Green sent her. She told Mellie she’d written her [Rettie]  “as sweet a letter of thanks as I was able to do and sent her our Pictures as they had asked for them”

Garrard's passing was probably soon afterwards. Family records say it was in 1889 which is not correct.  He was living when Eliza Ann wrote the following letter (linked above) to Mellie.  
Champaigne, [Illinois] April 29, 1895
My dear Daughter [Helen Melvina "Mellie" Groesbeck Morgan]
"It is Monday morning and wash day but I must not let another day pass without writing to you—my dear one. I have thought of you each day as it passed and knew I ought to write you, but so many things to do and have done. I have been kept busy and have had so many enexpected [sic] letters to answer from the children and nieces and nephews and even a great niece that it seems a task for me to write; but nevertheless, I have written. This makes the thirteenth letter this month. Yest, this is your Pa’s birth month and all the children have written him such nice affectionate letters and he puts all the letter writing upon me. Says he cannot wright—I am sorry to say it is true—he cannot collect his thoughts. I am very fond of writing letters, but oh how I dread to write your Pa’s."
The preceding year Garrard and Eliza's son John Morgan died in Preston, Idaho and was buried in Salt Lake City, Utah. This notice appeared August 29, 1894 in the Greensburg, Decatur, Indiana New Era newspaper.

Five years later Mellie Morgan received a letter from Eliza's youngest brother Garrard Morgan Hamilton dated  July 9, 1900:
“Your very kind and welcome letter came in Saturday, July 7th … Eliza Morgan, John’s mother is now in Middletown Neura County Indiana living with her son, Dr. Wm. Morgan. She came near dying last winter in Chicago but she pulled through all right and the last from her was doing very well. 

Mrs. Eliza A. Morgan died at Middletown, Henry county, Ind, at residence of her son, Dr. W. H. Morgan, on April 13, 1901, and was interred in South Park Cemetery here on April 19, 1901.

Mrs. Morgan was born at Carlisle, Ky., July 2, 1815, and was the daughter of James P. and Margaret Hamilton.

She was married to Garrard Morgan in 1832 and removed to Greensburg, Decatur county, Ind. In 1834. In 1857 they removed to Illinois.

Mrs. Morgan joined the Christian church at Carlisle, Ky., under the ministration of Elder John Rodgers and has always continued a consistent and faithful member of that church.

Four sons survive her. Also her youngest brother, G. M. Hamilton of this place.

Thank you to the librarian at the Greensburg, Decatur County, Indiana Public Library linked here  for generously providing the obituary notices for this post.  


  1. Thank you for this post. You have such a nice way of putting letters, obituaries and your thoughts together.

  2. Thank you to Find-a-grave volunteer Russell Wilhoit for this picture of great grandmother Eliza Ann Hamilton Morgan's grave site which feature's her brother David W. Hamilton's gravestone.