Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bessie Morgan Rex - 1937 Spring undated letters.

Glenn and Helen Rex Frazier, probably 1936
when she visited him in Los Angeles, California.
My dear boy,
It is Sunday evening. Helen & Daddy have been to Mutual & now Helen says we must all write a letter. I have been very negligent, haven’t I? Have been enjoying rather poor health, but am feeling better now.
Morg sits here with a book on aviation trying to show me a new type of machine with the stabilizer on the top of the rudder—get it? Well, you should be around here for awhile.
We were delighted to get your airmail letter, & so delighted to know you were transferred to Joinville. It is surely a pleasure to know you are so pleased &; we surely feel repaid when we know you are making progress. The weather has been delightful. It is warm & sunshiny during the day. The snow is melting ; blackbirds—they fill the trees.

The ward held a reunion last Wed. Everybody had a very nice time, I think. The hall is so grand. Bishop & Sis. Oluf Larson were up. Now, my dear boy, he has sent you 10$ & you have not written to thank him. Please do so right away. Their address is
216 D St., Salt Lake. They are both very much interested in you. Grace Norris told me to be sure & remember her to you. Every body of course asks about you.
Oh Helen says to tell you she & Glenn haven’t any day set yet. They have a hard time trying to get married but we must all have patience with them.
My dearie, it is morning & Helen has her letter all ready. My, I’m slow. It is cold & foggy this morning, but I think we are going to have an early Spring. You haven’t told us whether you got your garments. I can’t understand your not getting but two letters a month. I very seldom miss a week.
One year has gone. It seems an age since you left. These missionaries are in the home now. Will get those shirts to you if we can get hold of a missionary for Brazil.

Must close & get this off. Be a good boy, study hard & get all you can from your mission. That is your part my dear boy & may the Lord be with you to inspire you. Lovingly Mother.
My dear boy,
Well if I cant do any better, I shall use a pencil on type paper & sit in front of the stove. You didn’t get a letter last week, did you dearie, but really, I was sick all last week. Helen was studying to give a story at conference last night. Daddy has a new job. He is on the soil conservation committee. Everybody is so busy around here. Helen has to go to Coalville tomorrow to take an examination. Is she excited. She better get married.

We haven’t had a letter for two weeks, but if you haven’t been getting our letters, well I don’t blame you, but really dearie, this last week I believe is about the second time I have missed writing.
Yesterday was conference, and Br. & Sis Burdett were here for dinner. We had a lovely time. Then after church Clara & Afton came up to see me. You see, they held meeting in the new amusement hall & the seats aren’t comfortable, so I thot I better not go. I feel much better today though. Clara is a lovely girl, & we are all glad you got a letter to her. She seemed very much pleased too. Bro. Jos. T. Merrill was here for conference & everybody enjoyed him so much.

Evanston is crazy about our new hall. It is surely grand. Did they tell you the basketball tournament. [?] Helen says yes.
Morgan is--what would you say, girl struck—or maybe it is the girl

[illegible]  Woodruff has asked him to go to a party with her. Does that boy get razzed? He pleaded with me not to tell Maeser.
I suppose you got the news of the terrible explosion in Texas. 425 children killed in an explosion. Bro. Merrill told the people yesterday to not expect better.  It wasn’t common.

I am to give a book report tomorrow in Relief Society & I have had to study. My ambition is at a low ebb.
Don’t you get the Des. News or Sat. News. I thot they sent it out to the missions. Let me know & we will try to get something down to you.

I am so glad you are at Joinville. I worried about you at Blumenau.
Next morning. I see the family has been writing. It has snowed several inches during the night. Not a very good day for Helen to go to Coalville.

Well, my dear I must close. I wonder if you will have a strong German accent when you come home. You are having wonderful opportunities. Make the most of them. I know the Lord is helping and it is just for us to do our part.
Love & kisses my dear from all of us & I should certainly love to give you an big hug. Time is going tho; isn’t it;

Lovingly, Mother.


  1. I love that picture of your parents. I also enjoyed the links you made to the cities in Brazil. The explosion was a terible thing.

  2. Thank you Flora Lee, I'm always drawn to that picture of my parents. They are so young, happy, and full of life in it. I like to picture them that way now.

    I stopped to see what I could find out about our grandmother's reference to a horrible accident that took so many children in Texas. I smile each time she refers her son to a world event that I guess a missionary in Brazil would have no way of knowing about.

    She did love the news, and obviously followed it carefully via the newspaper and her radio. I wonder how she would feel about the Internet and Google!