Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Helen and Susan Frazier. Mother and Daughter.

John Morgan at October 1887 conference in Tennessee.

Mount Olivete Cemetery
 approximately seven miles from Nashville, Tennessee
 picture from Wikipedia, November 2005

Yesterday’s Amateur Mormon Historian’s post was of interest to me. The conference Bruce wrote about occurred in the midst of the following John Morgan 1887 Southern States’ Missionary posts. 


His map of the railways bordering the Middle Tennessee Conference is equally intriguing and illustrates John Morgan's use of the railways during his travel there.

From Chattanooga, Tennessee, Mission President John Morgan recorded in his journal:

October 7, 1887 — Made preparation during the morning and at 1:35 p.m. left for Murfreesboro over N.C. and St. L. Railroad to attend the East Tennessee conference.

At Decherd, met Elder E. S. Wright.  At Murfreesboro, met Elder H. K. Perkins and accompanied him to brother William Burks, four miles out at the Labanon pike [about seven miles from Nashville, Tennessee].  Arrived at 7:30 p.m. where we stayed tonight.

October 8 — After an early breakfast, started for the conference, fourteen miles distant. Arrived at 8 a.m. at Miss Simmons where we met all the Elders laboring in the East Tennessee Conference. Held Council meeting and at 10 a.m. met in Conference with a fair attendance. Had a dinner under the shade of the tree, and met again at 2 p.m.  A good spirit manifest. After meeting, held another council.

October 9 — Stayed at Mrs. Simmons last night. Held council at 8 a.m. and met in council [council was crossed out of typed journal transcript and conference written in its place] at 10 a.m. and increased attendance, and a good spirit manifested. Had lunch and held council between 12 and 2. Had another good meeting, after which Elder Wright and myself bid the Elders and saints goodbye and accompanied Brother Halfaen home. During the Conference the East Tennessee conference was divided and Elder  S. H. Head [Samuel Hugh Head  served SS Mission January 24, 1886 -  unknown release date]  was appointed to preside over the East half.

October  10 — Started at 5:30 a.m. for Lebanon and at 7 a.m. took train for Nashville, arriving at 8. Visited the Capitol Bridge Market, Vanderbilt, Penetentiary, [sic. penitentiary] and other points of interest about the city. At night attended the Theatre, Vendome, Keene in Marc Anthony.

John Hamilton Morgan journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah  

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Susan's early RESOLUTIONS!

Continued from here.

Susan Frazier was a great goal setter. She is pictured here May 24, 1989 with good friend Finnette Walker Shupe and mother Mrs. Walker upon completion of Susan's masters degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health.

From Susan's journal: Her twenty-five-year-old goal list follows,

1976--I’ll list my goals. I have from attending Education Week:
  1. Memorize Articles of Faith
  2. Attend Temple weekly
  3. Attend genealogy library weekly
  4. Have good thoughts
  5. Don’t gossip
My Reading Goal List:
1976—New Testament Commentary ( first 4,000 years)
1977 Church History--comprehensive
1978 Journal of Discourses
Others: Gospel Doctrine
Doctrines of Salvation
James R. Clark’s collection
Biographies: Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, Lorenzo Snow. Heber c. Kimball
I need to get a list of classics I want to read.

My next 5 years
(25) 1976-77    256-356
(26) 1977-78   406-456 work-ICU
(27) 1978-79   ICU-Israel
(28) 1979-80   Guatemala
(29) 1980-81   India 

1976--The day after Christmas—yesterday I worked but we had a nice party and then we watched Camelot. I’ve been thinking about my goals for 1977. two of them will be:
1)      Standard works
2)      Documentary History
3)      Comprehensive History
4)      Memorize and sing songs while I’m driving. Scriptures, too
5)      Mon. genealogy
6)      Thurs. – Temple

I really enjoy working as a GN. I hope I pass my state boards!!

1977--Well here goes with my 1977 resolutions: (I don’t want school to start again, oh well …)

  1. Read Standards works, DHC, CHC
  2. Temple - Thursday night
  3. Genealogy – Monday morning
  4. Perfect thoughts (pray continually)
  5. Memorize songs, hymns, scriptures
  6. Missionary emphasis
  7. Charity, service
  8. Weekly journal set goal entries 
1977--Goals Spring Summer
  1. Daily (morn-night) communication
  2. daily scripture reading
  3. weekly [bi-weekly added] genealogy, temple, exercise (bike x1, spa x3, walk x3)
  4. Daily novel reading
  5. Weekly journal writing
  6. Weekly charity (letter, visit, Janet, nieces)
  7. Weekly evaluation 
Perfect in
  1. physical fitness
  2. appetite
  3. dance
  4. thought control
  5. early rising-scripture reading 
1978 worked in Monument Valley as registered nurse

1979 studied abroad in Israel

I think I should make some goals for my stay here:
1)  Come to know Christ better
2)  Finish Old Testament
3)  Good thoughts
4)  Deeds of Service daily
5) Control of appetite
a) swim daily
b) no bread or potatoes, milkshakes or ice cream
6) Finding out Lord’s will in my life 

Picture of Susan holding niece Natalie at Lava Hot Springs family reunion 2001.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

ACTION! Susan Frazier, resolutions and reflections.

Susan Frazier (1951-2006) hiked the Zion, Utah Narrows 
at Glenn and Helen Rex Frazier Family Reunion in 2001

Susan and Finnette Walker Shupe (1947-2014), in the red,
 seated with unidentified friends in the Bethesda,
Maryland condo they shared in about 1984.

Susan with visiting niece and nephews on condo patio in about 1986.

A Salt Lake visit with nieces and nephews about 1985.

Note:  Scroll down on the Susan Frazier link to read her obituary.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Helen Melvina "Mellie" Groesbeck Morgan's Sister Wives.

A cousin recently shared some family documents with me.

Mrs. Helen M. Groesbeck Morgan, 359 Bryan avenue, widow of John Morgan, died early Monday morning as a result of injuries received in an automobile accident in Oakland, Cal., according to word received by N. G. Morgan of Salt Lake.

Mrs. Morgan was visiting relatives in California during the last three weeks.
She was born in Springfield, Ill., February 7, 1852, and crossed the plains with her parents, Nicholas and Elizabeth Thompson Groesbeck, in 1856. She had lived in Salt Lake since 1856.

Surviving are the following children: Mrs. Helen M. Austin, Mrs. Ruth Kunkel, N. G. Morgan, Mrs. Gail Clayton and Judge John H. Morgan, all of Salt Lake; Mrs. Percy Rex of Randolph, Utah, and G. E. Morgan of San Francisco; one sister, Mrs. Josephine G. Smith, and two brothers, Joseph F. and Samuel Groesbeck of Salt Lake.

The obituary doesn't name Mary Ann Linton Morgan as a family member.  The Deseret Mortuary Company Automobile List for Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan’s June 20, 1930 funeral shows Aunt Mary Morgan’s inclusion in the “second automobile.”

Very very little was written or said in my mother’s family [P.H. and Bessie Morgan Rex] about her grandfather John Morgan's polygamy. Only that it was and it included Aunt Mary and Aunt Annie. 

Some years ago when I found each of their grave stones far away from one another in the Salt Lake Cemetery I could not understand why and I was saddened.

I've since attempted to rectify some omissions. John Morgan’s headstone, placed at his Salt Lake City grave site by Southern States Missionaries several years following his 1894 death, had a blank side just calling for an explanation. I enlisted descendants participation in a project to add his wives names to his grave stone.  

Engraving added to John Morgan marker in 2012.

This post was triggered by James Tanner's post The Shadow Wife at Genealogy's Star this morning.

See also December 11, 2014 post The Shadow Wife - part 2.

And here I've contributed to Amy's cautionary tale  "Middle Name Creep"  posted yesterday. I do concur with Amy, I've never found an early source for John Hamilton Morgan.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Smiling Faces and Merry Hearts!

P. H. Rex Family Thanksgiving Celebration in the 1960's. Family gathered in P.H. Rex's Randolph home seated around wall to wall tables. 

Keepapitchinin's post this morning And there was Prayer and Thanksgiving

reminded me of this gathering over fifty years ago. 

Smiling Faces and Merry Hearts!

This last picture appeared here earlier.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Eliza Ann Morgan Smith history concluded.

Eliza Ann’s family grew like her mother and father's did. She and Frank resided in Salt lake City and by 1913 they had ten children. That year James Frank Smith died, leaving Eliza Ann widowed with numerous small children. Not unlike her father, John Morgan’s, 1894 death left her own mother.

Eliza's children are:

Laura Smith (1895-    )
Eliza C “Lila” Smith (1894-1980)
James Pence Smith (1896-1962)
Helen Melvina Smith Buckley (1899-1992)
Alan Smith (1901-1901)
Richard B. Smith (1901-    )
Nicholas Smith (1903-    )
Alice M. Smith (1906-1925)
Clair Smith (1909-    )
Lillian D. Smith Ort (1913-1980)

According to Utah Marriage records Eliza Ann was married to John Robinson in Davis County, Utah on August 14, 1920.[i] Mr. Robinson was twenty-five years Lyle’s senior. He passed away in 1928.[ii]

It is not known when Eliza Ann moved to California. She was living there in 1938 when Bessie’s oldest daughter Helen Rex and new husband Glenn Frazier visited her family in early 1938. Helen explained in her January 20, 1938 letter to her brother Harold.

“A week ago last Sunday we went out to see Aunt Lile. We met her daughter Lila and husband where we got off the street car, and they took us to Aunt Liles. She has a married daughter and an unmarried daughter living at home with her. Then we met her son Jim. He reminds me a lot of Uncle Earl. Tall and thin.”

Eliza Ann was residing there in 1930 when her mother Mellie visited her and suffered a fatal fall. Mellie passed away on June 15, 1930. 

Eliza Ann  passed away in Solano, California on January 15, 1952. She and Frank are buried in her father’s family plot in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

[i] “Utah, marriagaes, 1887-1966,” index, Family Search ( accessed 05 Nov 2014), John Robinson and Lila Smith, 14 Aug 1920; citing Davis Co., Utah; FHL microfilm 484357
[ii] State of Utah—Death Certificate File No 1044, 152, John Robinson, 18 No. Chicago St, Salt Lake, buried City Cemetery (Anna Robinson, wife, signed death certificate).