Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Glenn Frazier!

Glenn Frazier was born 104 years ago today.
Two days following Christmas always called for his birthday party!

 In the 1980s Glenn inserted his picture and testimony
into over a hundred Book of Mormons and gave them away.

Glenn was a widower for the last ten years of his life. 
He spent most of his time during those years serving others.

He gave this volume to his friend Sylvia for Christmas in 1987.
Ultimately it belonged to his daughter Susan Frazier.
I discovered it in a box of her belongings yesterday.

Sylvia Stringham also lived in South Salt Lake, on Whitlock Avenue,
through the block to the south of Glenn's Oakland Avenue home.
 Before Glenn passed away on July 4, 1992
Sylvia moved to the south part of Salt Lake where she
lived with her daughter until she passed away in 1993.


  1. Caught up on our blog:) So greatful for Uncle Glenn and his influence in my life!

  2. Thank you Nancy and Flora Lee for your kind words. I'm certain those sentiments please him.