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Bessie Morgan Rex letter to Harold. February 20, 1938.

Randolph Ward Chapel
Sun. evening at home
Feb. 20, ’38.

My dear faraway Lad,

It is 10:30, but I must send a few lines off in the morning, so will write this now. Have been to church, & meeting after. Hence, the lateness. We didn’t receive a letter from you last week. Hope we do this next. I suppose you are all settled in your new home.

Bob Wamsley spoke in church tonight. He got home last Monday. [illegible] Smith was here also & spoke. 

Bob is pretty good. Rather rambling, but I think he was nervous.

Winnie was home yesterday & today. It was so good to have her here. She is a darling. We do talk so much. Your father thinks you will have to take a week to stay in & talk to me.

How do you like my pen.  I like it. Fountain pen & magazine for 3 yrs. for a $. I’ll  tell you next week if my $ was wasted.

We still are waiting for snow. Not much has fallen so far, but we have had no cold weather.
I am longing for Spring. I shall plant my flowers, pick them & see them fade,
and then my boy will be home.

I think Winnie is getting homesick to stay here for a while. I think It has been a rather hard row for her. I hope it will only be a means to an end. She loves music. I should love to see her study it.

Next week is our dedication day. Everybody is so thrilled about it. I wish Winnie could have made her visit a week later.

I just read “As a Man Thinketh.” You better get one when you get home. It is fine. I am reading “Wake up & Live” now. It is also very fine.

Morg is building a gas model. Oh it is fine. That boy is mechanically minded. And Maeser has two baby beef. Don’t worry if they haven’t one for you. I think we will manage some way to get you in the winter quarter at school. You must go. These calves seem scarce. Maeser got the best one.

Well here, I didn’t get your letter finished so I must get busy.  It is Monday night & Daddy & Measer have gone to Mutual. Morgan would
rather work on his airplane, but as they have no class, and play basketball all the time, I thot it was all right. He is a pretty good boy.

Have you heard from Helen. She has written several letters to you, so I surely hope you have written to her. She feels rather slighted I am afraid. I think she is getting some of the weather you have. It rained for 19 days without stopping. But she doesn’t complain.

Uncle Will was in today & we discussed world afairs. Things are in a bad mixup I am afraid.

Did Winnie tell you about Aunt Bess’s sister dying. Sarah Pond [Sarah Ann Smith Pond 1878–1938]. She was a very lovely woman.

Has anybody described the church to you. Well, the carpet will be dark maroon—up both aisles, back & across the front & covering the stage or raised part, & under all the choir seats. They are upholstered. Isn’t that nice. The drapes at the windows
are green with gold lining. The ceiling is cello-tex marked off in little squares. The lights—well, they are lovely & so bright. There are the doors on the south that open outside. The old stairway to the basement is torn out. A stairway goes down the north side of the vestibule downstairs. A hall in the center & 7 classrooms leading off. A font room opening into a large classroom that can be used for services. Linoleum on hall downstairs. A big furnace & ventilating system. Doors out to the south & cement steps to upper & lower floors. Oh it is lovely. Everything varnished & looking like new. You wont know it. Come to the dedication next Sunday.

Write & tell us about your work. Myron is glad he is on a foreign mission so he can stay six months longer.

I must close. We think of you so much, and pray for your success. And don’t ever think I am not proud of you. Be a good boy, & write often. All send their best love & an extra large allotment comes from Mother.

Randolph Ward, exterior and interior chapel pictures, taken February 2011.

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  1. The description of the remodel is priceless. I remember the maroon carpet or I have seen it in pictures. I just always assumed the basement looked like Grandma described it but not so. It makes me wonder how many times the inside has been redone.