Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Helen Melvina Groesbeck and John Hamilton Morgan gravestone. Sept 15, 2012.

Smiling into the sunshine on Saturday, September 15th, some John Hamilton Morgan descendants gathered at his grave site in the  Salt Lake City Cemetery. We were celebrating his life, and that of our grandmother Mellie Morgan, and the completion of several projects at their grave sites.
This new Helen Melvina and John Hamilton Morgan gravestone was recently completed and replaced the former deteriorating poured stones, placed there after Grandmother Morgan’s 1930 death. They had become increasingly difficult to read.

A big “thank you” to cousin Karen M., who led the way to the new gravestone's plan, design, completion, and purchase--and to all who contributed.
Gathered around the east facing side of the John Morgan Monument are L-R John Hamilton Morgan descendants; Claudia S., John Morgan G., Karen M., Rick P., Nancy B., Yara S., Bessie S., Judy H., Tom H., John Hamilton Morgan, Jr., in front Tom K. H., and Perry H.   

John Hamilton Morgan, Jr., grandson of Great Grandfather John Hamilton Morgan was with the group in the cemetery. His father was born February 7, 1894, just months before Great Grandfather Morgan's death.
Earlier updates at the John Morgan Family cemetery plot are posted here and here. Additional pictures will be posted at the John Hamilton Morgan Family Website in the near future.

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