Sunday, May 27, 2012

John Morgan Gravestone Project completed.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged my efforts and contributed to the John Morgan Gravestone project. The engraving on the east side of the stone in the Salt Lake Cemetery was completed in time for Memorial Day. I think it looks beautiful!

Having John Morgan’s wives recognized on the blank side of his gravestone has been a pet project of mine for a couple of years. In order to solicit $money contributions$ from my cousins I sent them the following explanation:

“I've felt compelled to see that the two women who whole-heartedly embraced the teachings of the Church at that time (1880’s), laid everything on the line, married this good faithful man, had his children, and were good and faithful to the end need to be acknowledged with his first wife (our great grandmother) on his monument.”

Helen Melvina “Mellie” is buried next to John Morgan. The cemetery coordinates for his other wives gravesites are now on the monument. A visitor would need to get a copy of the cemetery map from the sexton’s office to go to their gravesites.

It took SL Monument an entire day and one-hundred pounds of sand to sand-blast the new lettering into the gravestone.

Contributions for this project continue to be welcomed. Send me an e-mail at: I see the creamery (written all together) @ Comcast [dot] net for a mailing address.

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  1. That looks great! Thanks for sticking with the project. Flora Lee is going to take one of the footstones to the Marker company and see what they suggestion and get a price (the Rex footstones)