Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012 Springtime visit to Manassa, Colorado. Part 2.

The engraving above the door identifies this as the San Luis Stake Office. 
Cousin Flora Lee visited here in 2008 and was told it had been the tithing office.
This building is kitty-cornered through the block from the plaque
marking the first church and school building.
An online picture of the grounds in summer green is here.
The Old Manassa Cemetery is about five blocks south of
Main Street on 5th Street, just as the instructions I found online here said.
This plaque lists those buried in the cemetery,
 but does not give directions to their grave sites.
There is not water at this cemetery. 
It rests beneath the hill to the south of town marked by  an M.
The mold used for John and Annie Morgan's daughter's headstone
is a popular one in the cemetery, and appears to be made of concrete.
You can find John Morgan's journal entries about Myrtle's passing here
This gravestone marks Myrtle's grandfather's grave site and is next to hers. 
The row these two graves are on is P, 17.
Looking north from the cemetery are groups
of large trees, remnants of early farms.

Looking South from Manassa
Looking from about the same spot as above, this time to the East,
 where I imagine John Morgan's ranch, over the river, might have been.

The large cranes in this picture give away
 the present use of John Morgan's corner.
The John Morgan corner is tightly concealed
from the west by the trees he planted there.
This is a nice online picture of Manassa, 
green trees concealing all but the top of one crane. 

Two of John Morgan's Springtime journal entries while at Manassa, Colorado:

1886 - April 12, Planted thirty-nine fruit trees today. A very cold windy day.

1888 - March 17, Annie, Ray, brother Jackson and myself drove across the river this a.m. and visited brother Beecroft's place. In the p.m. we drove to Ephriam calling at Brother Corays. From there to Sanford where we bought some trees of brother Jones. Returned late in the evening.

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