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2012 Springtime Visit to Manassa, Colorado. Part 3.

The next morning it snowed again, and we visited Sanford, Colorado.
An early brick home.
Large trees remain without early homes and farms.
A couple of old San Luis Railroad Cars were retired to this field.
These Sanford horses reminded me of John Morgan. 

From John Hamilton Morgan's journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.
May 23 –  [Salt Lake City, Utah] Looked around to buy some horses.

May 29 – [Springville, Utah] Used Jno. G’s buggy in driving around and bought four mares during the day.

May 30 – Bought another mare this a.m. and in the afternoon, carried all five of them over to Spanish Fork Station where I found Peter Rasmussen and William Jackson with eight more.

June 6 – [Salt Lake City] ... Paid freight on horses. Met with LeGrand Young and A. F. McDonald about organization of company in Mexico. Attended the Theatre in the evening with Mellie, “The Old Homestead,” by Denman Thompson.

June 7 – Drove out with wife [Mellie] and accompanied her to the dentists and got an impression of her mouth for a new set of teeth. About home during the afternoon.

June 8 – Arranged with Hyrum G. [Groesbeck] for some means to aid in paying for horses.

June 9 – Obtained $300.00 from Hyrumn, paid some freight and sent the remainder due Crandall and Royland on horses. Busy arranging to start to Colorado. Bid the folks goodbye and left on 4 p.m. U. C. train for Utah County and Juab.

June 10 – Returned to Provo and had breakfast. At 10 a.m. came to Springville and had dinner at Rhodas [Groesbeck]. As the train was late, went to meeting and spoke to the folks. At 4:20 p.m. train passed, bid the folks goodbye and left for Colorado. Obtained an upper berth. All there was left in the car.

June 11 – Had breakfast at Cimmaron and passed through Black Canyon in an open car. Had a pleasant day and made snowballs on top of Marshall Pass. Dinner at Salida and arrived in Pueblo at 6 p.m.

June 12 – Woke up at 2 a.m. Dressed and at 2:45 a.m. left for Manassa. Walked over from the railroad. Home, and found all well. Remained at home during the rest of the day. Tired.

June 13 – Attended a Sunday School Jubilee held in the bowery. Well attended and fairly carried through. In the evening drove to LaJara with brother Jackson. A heavy wind and some sleet during the trip.

June 14 – Bought wagon from William Christensen for $1110.00 and a set of harnesses from Co-op at $40.00. Hitched up and drove about town a while.

June 15 – Brother J. H. [John Henry] Smith and wife [Josephine], myself and wife [Annie], drove across the river to the ranch.

Sanford looked very much to me like Manassa.
An abandoned adobe building in Sanford.
LaJara is on the railroad tracks that run south through the San Luis Valley
from Alamosa, Colorado to Antonito, Colorado. This is their train station.

Numerous Morgans settled in Conejos County, Colorado
George Morgan (unknown to me), from Utah, and his five sons lived in Sanford, Colorado
1910 Sanford, Colorado Census.

John and Annie Morgan's son, John Albemarle Morgan, lived in Sanford, Colorado
1920 Sanford, Colorado Census.

The Amateur Mormon Historian led me to a great picture collection housed in the Alamosa Library, and on-line here.  There are some great early Manassa and Sanford pictures in it. Most of them are identified. On a few of the photographs there is a notice that reads:  This photograph cannot be identified. It is one of 21 photographs found in the bottom of a trunk belonging to Joseph Morgan Valentine, grandfather of Raymond Valentine, who is the husband of Roberta Valentine of Alamosa, Colorado. This photograph may have been taken in Mississippi. Joseph Morgan Valentine migrated to Manassa, Colorado, in the 1890’s.

A couple of favorite pictures from this collection are here and here and here.
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