Thursday, May 17, 2012

Percy Harold Rex - letter written November 15, 1936.

Randolph, Utah
Nov. 15-36.

My Dear Son,

Just a few lines to let you know we are still living up here in the states at home, we are all pretty well and having some of the nicest weather for this time of the year.

I guess you think your father is a very poor letter writer. I guess this is the mark he would get if it were put to the test.

We sold the cattle the other day in fact it was a week ago yesterday. We received 6 ¢ a pound for the steer,  12 in number, and 3-1/2 ¢ for two cows, and 4¢ for four cows. They brought a fairly nice little check if we had a few more to sell it would make things worthwhile.

We have most of the cattle in now and it looks like a pretty good calf crop, and some very fine calves.

There has been some fellows out this last week over the divide gathering up the tail end and got about sixty head.

Since I wrote you last we have gone through one of the most bitter campaigns in the history of the nation and I guess you have heard that Pres. [Franklin D.] Roosevelt was selected and he surely has a good opinion of himself, and he surly got a very large majority of the votes. It went strait [sic] Democrat throughout the nation. The republican elected Bishop Johnson to go to the State Legislature and Wm. Reese for a four year county commissioner, for which we were greatful [sic] , both very good men for the offices they hold.

Last week the Randolph ward choir and Bishopric went to Kemmerer [Wyoming] to sing and do the Preaching for sacrament meeting. We had Helen Kennedy and Dalles Johnson, also Bishop [Lawrence Johnson, 1888-1968] for speaker, and they were very good. Helen is as good a lady speaker as you will hear in a long time.

As I read your letters you must be getting something in the back of your head to be able to speak 30 or 35 minutes in German.
Mr. Will Wimmerer and Worth were here the other day and ask how you were getting along, and when I told [them] you could speak 30 minutes in German they said how wonderful, and that was equal to 3 years of college.

College reminds me that U. S. A. C. [Utah State Agricultural College] has the Rockey [sic] Mountain championship in football under their belt for 1936, defeated U of U [University of Utah], 12 to nothing, in fact they have not been scored against this year, which is remarkable.

You will see by this picture of the building that we are getting along with it, by the time you get this I hope we are in it. I don’t know weather [sic]we will have it all paid for or not, but a very big share, as we are having pretty fine success in raising funds.

By the time you receive this letter it will be nearly Christmas again. The time surely does roll by, the first thing I know I will be an old man and nothing to show for my life work, not having had the opportunity of going out in the world to preach the gospel and convert souls into the kingdom of heaven.

I hope you will be able, with inspiration of the Lord, to accomplish your desires in righteousness and fulfill an honorable mission.

I was down to Salt Lake two weeks ago and met a young fellow by the name of Stevens who is coming down to your mission and he will bring some things for you. He seems to be a very nice young man. There is also a young man from Midway, where Rubbie is from, going with him, so you will be more or less acquainted when you meet, if you have the chance.

I see I am getting near the end of my paper so I had better close now, asking God to ever bless you in your labors for good and the spread of his gospel and shield you from harm and sickness, is the prayer of your father, with Loads of Love.

P.H. Rex

Note: I added some punctuation to Grandpa P.H. Rex’s letter.


  1. It hurt my heart that Grandpa thought he would grow old without accompishing anything great. I think he did accomplish great things in Randolph and his posterity has certainly gone on to accompish great things:)

  2. Thank you for your comments Nancy. At one time, I hesitated posting this letter for that reason, and you said it so well, “it hurt my heart.” What a wonderful man Grandpa P.H. Rex is, and at that time, it appears he felt otherwise. That is a compelling reason to follow through with our plans of compiling our "P.H. Rex Family History Book."