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Picture of John Morgan, 1868.

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An 1884 Tennessee Emigrant in Salt Lake City.

I’ve puzzled over this for a couple of days, wondering if there are any clues in John Morgan’s journal about the November 13, 1884 emigrants Bruce wrote about here. Perhaps these entries hold a clue about one Tennessee emigrant.

November 17
John Morgan visited several schools throughout the day, … Returned home about 3:30 p.m. Storming and raining during the entire day. A number of Elders from the mission and some going to the mission called to see me. Also sister Pheobe Church from Tenn.

November 18
Went up to the Historians Office and set brother W. C. Snow apart for a mission to the southern states, and ordained him an Seventy …

November 19
Wrote brother [B. H.] Roberts and received a letter from him. Sent check to him for Sister Church’s baggage.

My recent post missed this interesting note.
From John Morgan Journal, Marriott Library, Special Collections, University of Utah.

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John Hamilton and Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan. Part 19.

Continued from here.

From John Morgan Journal, Marriott Library, Special Collections, University of Utah.

December 14 
Clyde Smith [Could this be Annie’s brother?] came to Mellies at about 3 a.m. and woke me up, stating that Annie needed me. On arriving found her in child labor which kept up until 7 a.m. When she gave birth to a girl baby [Annie Ray Morgan] , weighing twelve pounds. Remained with her until after 2 p.m. and then came down to Mellies. Attended to the milking and chores and returned. During the evening I wrote a letter to the “News” relative to Sectarian Schools …

Through the 18th John Morgan wrote letters, called at the Pres. office, saw brother Reynolds, arranged to get $250.00 and visited a number that I was indebted to and paid them ... He attended Seventies Council ... had a talk with Pres. Cannon relative to my situation and other matters. Storming for the past two days.

December 19 Called on the Pres. and had a talk with brother Geo. Q. Cannon about some land matters in Colo. In the evening went to Ogden with sister Bickington [presumably midwife, see previous post]. Took daughter Mellie along. Met Elder Roberts on the train and had a talk about mission matters and land business in Colo.

December 20 At home all day.

December 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
Have been in hiding during these days to keep out of the way of Marshalls. On Christmas day, Hyrum Groesbeck and wife spent the day. In the evening I blessed my little boy and gave him the name of Nicholas Morgan. Spent one day with sister Weinel. Elder Roberts called on me and had dinner.
During the days in the house I read "Turgees appeal to Ceaser,” and "Conquest of Mexico By Cortez” and its subsequent History.

December 27
Arranged with Dicksen through Jno. Groesbeck to get out on the street and have been out all day attending to business …

December 30-31
Called on Pres. Taylor about money to aid the Colo. Saints in the purchase of some land, which aid was refused on the ground that money was scarce and people should seek to aid themselves. Weather quite cold ...

January 1, 1885 At Annies for dinner. A number of callers at Mellies. Among the rest, John Richardsen, formerly of Ill., with whom I was acquainted when a boy and had a long talk over old times.

January 2… I went to the City Hall and met Marshall Phillips who gave me some information of a personal nature. [Its unknown whether Marshall is Mr. Phillips' first name, or his title.]

January 3
In the house all day out of sight. Read “Shermons March to the Sea,” and Burns.

January 4
In the house during the entire day. Sunday.

January 5 Came down to sister Weinals and spent the day quietly. Read Aldine and Burns most of the day. A heavy snow last night.

January 6 At sister Weinals today. Jno. Groesbeck called and informed me that he had obtained my Supt’s Appropriation. Brother C. F. Wilcox called and I had a lengthy talk about school matters. Read Burns and wrote a number of letters.

January 7... Mellie returned with N. H. G. [presumably Nicholas Harmon Groesbeck] and Mollie [sic. Mellie].

January 8
At home all day out of sight. A number of callers, but everything quiet. Made arrangements to go East.

January 9, 10, and 11 Out of sight all day out a few minutes and at work getting affairs fixed to leave, settling up accounts and writing letters.

The following post is about John and Annie’s travels during February – April, and their return to Salt Lake after learning of baby Flora’s death, April 1, 1885.

[Editor's note: While looking for Mellie in some 1884, 14th Ward Relief Society records, I found Sister Weinel. John Morgan spent considerable time at Sister Weinel's. For every question I find an answer to, six more arise.]

I took the picture of the Nicholas Groesbeck Morgan bust, stored in the Utah Historical Society Library, last October. Thanks to cousin Karen M.

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John Hamilton and Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan. Part 18.

Continued from here.

On October 25-26 John Morgan met with District School Teachers of the County, and traveled to Nephi and back. While there he went to Bishop Udalls, met sister Ida Hunt, and attended Sunday School; the time was occupied in hearing remarks from the Ward Supt., songs, recitations, etc. After dinner at brother Paxmans, met at 1:30 p.m. and continued our exercises ... Following the meeting’s close, he traveled to the Depot, arriving just in time for the 6:40 p.m. train home.

Ever busy, John Morgan continues assisting others and spends considerable time in his office writing. Immediately following an October 30th round trip to Ogden, he arrived back in Salt Lake at 7:40 p.m. and went immediately to a meeting being held in the interest of sugar making … [While in Champaign, Ill., with Mellie, the preceding year, November 9, 1883, he visited a sugar factory and gained some information on the subject of its manufacture. That portion of their trip is posted here.]

On October 31st he was able to obtain additional money for brother B. H. Roberts, and sent it on to him.

He traveled to Coalville and Echo, Utah, November 2-3 on school and land business. The following morning, after working in his office, he traveled to Draper, Utah, where he attended two schools that were in excellent condition. For the next two days he worked in his office, ordered 15 bushel of potatoes of brother Jos. Horne. And on the 6th noted ... Big excitement over the Presidential Election. ...

On the 8th he traveled by train, with Elders Parry and Marks, to Nephi. After dinner with Bishop Udall they took the San Pete Valley train for Moroni, and were thereafter taken by carriage to Manti. They attended, and spoke at, Priesthood meeting, John Morgan spending the night at brother Maibens.

November 9
Woke up about 3:30 a.m. and tumbled about on the bed until after 7 o’clock and then got up at 8:30. Had breakfast and walked over to the Telegraph Office and received dispatch notifying me of the birth of a son to my wife, Mellie, at 7 minutes to 4 a.m. Wired reply and attended meeting in Stake Tabernacle at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The day was occupied in short speeches, songs, dialogues, and recitations. Dinner at brother Parrys. At 5 p.m. I started in company with Elder Marks in brother A. Hardy’s wagon for Moroni where we arrived at 9 p.m. and had super and remained over night with him.

An interesting family of three wives living pleasantly and lovingly together.

November 10
Took train at 9 a.m. and arrived in Nephi at 10:30 and went to Bishop Udalls for dinner and visited about town for an hour or two. Visited the district school Took train at 2:52 for home. Had a number of conversations on the way up and arrived at home at 6:40. Saw my wife and son immediately, all well …

November 14
Wrote a letter or two and attended to some business about the city. Filed my bills and stayed with Mellie considerably. Very pleasant weather … On November 19 he wrote that he’d received and answered a letter from brother Roberts. He continued work in the city through the next week.

November 22
Assisted H. G. [presumably Hyrum Groesbeck] in his books a while. Attended session of the Teachers Association at 11 a.m. which was fairly attended and a number of good ideas advanced. Carried Annie home and ordered 500 lbs. of bran.

November 23
Wrote letter to sister Bickington about coming down to store [sic. stay] with Annie. Attended meeting at the Tabernacle … After meeting Bishop A. Speirs invited me out to 10th Ward to preach. After supper H. Groesbeck and myself drove out and I spoke to the people on the second coming of the Savior. Returned home stopping a while with Annie …

On the 25th John traveled to Ogden to meet sister Bickington, but she failed to meet him

November 26
… At 4:30 went to Ogden again. Met sister Bickington and Clyde [Clyde Smith] all coming down together …
[Editor's note: I had never heard of Marriott, Utah before. It was where downtown Ogden, Utah now is. You may read more about it here. It appears Sister Bickington is the Ann Bickington listed above with her husband in Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah. She was also the first Relief Society President of the Marriott Ward. This may also answer the question of who the Marriotts are, that Annie returned from staying with on April 25th, 1884 posted here.]

November 27
Thanksgiving day at home most of the time during the day.

On November 28, starting at 9 a.m., John Morgan drove to, and visited, the South Cottonwood School, the East Cottonwood District School, and the North Cottonwood School. In the evening he returned to the city and ... attended MacKnight’s lecture at Theatre …
November 29-December 1 John Morgan traveled to Tooele Stake ... in the interests of the Seventies and Sunday School.

December 2
Met Elder B. H. Roberts this a.m. and spent the greater part of the day with him. Called on Pres. Taylor and had a few words of general talk.

While at dinner, we examined and remodled [sic] a letter addressed to Pres. W. Woodruff relative to affairs in the Southern Mission, setting forth the true situation and facts connected therewith. Attended Council Meeting of the Pres. of Seventies at brother Eldredges at which meeting I presided. After Council, attended the Theatre and saw Geo. C. Mills in “Macbeth.”

(To be continued.)
From the John Hamilton Morgan Journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah. Anne Bickington, Pioneers and Prominet Men of Utah, p. 753. In 1911, when John and Mellie’s son, Nicholas Groesbeck, received his law degree, Mellie embroidered this beautiful red rose for her son. It is treasured by Nicholas G. Morgan's granddaughter, a symbol of her incredible great grandmother, Helen Melvina (Mellie) Groesbeck Morgan. Thanks to descendant Karen M. for sharing this picture.

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John Hamilton and Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan. Part 17.

Continued from here.

On September 1, John Morgan traveled, with his wife, Pres. Joseph F. Smith and his wife, and Apostle E. Snow and his wife, to the Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona settlements, where they held conferences. They also traveled to San Juan, Utah. There are seven single spaced typed pages of entries for this one month trip. The trip requires more time and research than I’m able to give it right now.

It was impossible to know which wife was traveling with John, until the September 24th entry. Note: On September 22nd they were with Bishop Udall in St. John, Arizona.

From the John Morgan Journal, Marriott Library, University of Utah.

September 24
Visited sister Jackson, one of the saints from Ala. Leaving Erastus at 9:30 a.m. drove a rough road to Snowflake stopping in the cedars by the way for lunch, supplemented by a nice lot of Watermelons. At our noon place we met brother Barney from St. George whose call was changed from St. John to Erastus. Arrived at Snowflake at 5 p.m. Mellie and I stopped at brother Minerlys.

Note: Four years later, in November 1888, John made a trip to this area with his third wife, Mary Ann Linton. A record of that trip appears in fourteen posts on The Ancestor Files beginning here. John and Mellie visit some of the same places and meet some of the same people, he and Mary Ann will visit and meet November 17 - December 23, 1888.

On October 1, at the conclusion of their trip, Hyrum Groesbeck picked John and Mellie up from the Ogden train Depot. John wrote that day, … Found all well at home. Went out to the 10th Ward for the night.

October 2
Came down early and obtained my mail and papers and went up to the office and wrote until noon. Had dinner at Mellies and received a telegram from Silas S. Smith stating that 26 saints left Antonito [Colorado] for Conference. Called on a number of the Ex-Elders of the s. s. [Southern States] mission to aid in caring for the visitors …

On the 3rd he met in the President’s office with Pres. Cannon and Apostles F. M. Lyman and F. D. Richards about the Elders in the Southern Mission and the emigration of the saints from Cane Creek, Tenn …

October 5
Attended Conference at 10 a.m. Met a number of friends from different parts of the territory. At the 2 p.m. meeting Pres. Geo. Q. Cannon called me to the stand and soon afterwards announced my name as one of the First Seven Presidents of the Seventies which office I accepted publicly. Attended a Priesthood meeting in the large Tabernacle at 7 p.m. Pres. Taylor addressed the people ...

John attended meetings throughout conference and into the following week.

October 9
Attended a meeting of the First Presidency and Twelve, where Pres. Taylor stated his feelings in relation to missionary matters and urged care and caution in relation to steps taken about withdrawing the Elders before the people reject the Gospel. Elder B. H. Roberts and myself stated the entire situation of the Southern States mission to the brethren. After some consultation it was thought best to send the Elders who had been called and use care and wisdom in sending any more.

Tried to communicate with some of the Elders called to get them to return and go immediately on their missions.

Throughout the following weeks John was busy getting Colorado saints transportation to the Logan Temple, seeing missionaries off to Europe and other points, assisting Hyrum Groesbeck with his books, conducting teacher association meetings, and acquiring money for Brother Roberts. He traveled to the Brigham Young Academy in Provo, where he guided visitors through the rooms there, and met with visiting Indians from the Uintah reservation.

October 15
Elder B. H. Roberts called on me at 9 a.m. and we both went to the Pres. Office to see about some means to emigrate the saints from Cane Creek, and were quite successful in accomplishing our object … and the next day Pres. Geo Q. Cannon informed him that money would be provided to emigrate the Cane Creek saints by the time needed. John continued on his school reports, in his office writing letters and working on County Supt. Reports, on the 18th arranged to have a cow shed built and ordered some of the lumber … working on it the following day. 23rd walked up to the Groesbeck property with brother and sister Lucy to see some rooms to rent.

October 24This is the 16th anniversary of my marriage to Mellie. Obtained $800 of Tenn. Martyr fund to assist in emigration of Tenn. saints. Bought draft and forwarded amount to B. H. Roberts, Chattanooga, Tenn. …

(To be continued.)

I took the picture of the old City Hall, August 2009, as it now appears, across the street from the recently renovated Utah State Capitol Building in Salt Lake City.

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John Hamilton and Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan. Part 16.

From the John Morgan Journal, Marriott Library, University of Utah.

On June 15 John Morgan left on the 7:30 a.m. train for Ogden to attend a Sunday School Conference, returning to Salt Lake that night. The following two days 16-17th he met with teachers in Salt Lake at a Co. [County] Institute. Following the last meeting … we went to the Ice Cream Saloon and had some ice cream …

June 18
Irrigating the lots during the most of the day, having to dig quite an amount of ditch to get the water down … June 22 Brought a bucket of Berries down to Mellie and was at home during the a.m. …Attended service at the 14th Ward and spoke to the people …

June 24
Irrigating the lots all afternoon. Quite hot. Brother Groesbeck taken seriously sick at Johns about 3 p.m. today …

Through the 28th John Morgan sat up with his brothers-in-law, Will, Harmon, and Hyrum Groesbeck, through night vigils with their father.

June 29
At home and asleep this forenoon. At Annies this p.m. quite warm. Late in the evening Mellie drove up for me, as brother G. [Groesbeck] was reported dying, came down with her and found him unconscious in which condition he remained until 7:35 when he peacefully passed away. I went to the Sextons and made some arrangements to care for the body…

June 30
Went up early this a.m. and had a talk with Harmon and John about the Funeral. At their request called at the “News” Office and gave the Reporter some prints about brother G’s life. Met Pres. Cannon and asked him to attend the funeral. Arranged for the choir, etc. Found brother and sister Salisbury at Annies.

July 1
Came down to Mellies early and was busy during the morning … at 3 p.m. getting ready for the funeral. Met at John’s house and followed brother G’s remains to the 17th Ward School house where a large congregation had assembled. Bishop Jno. Tingey presided and after prayer by Bishop F. Kesler, Counsellor Jno. W. Young, and pres. Geo. Q. Cannon addressed the people. Pres. A. M. Cannon dismissed. A lengthy procession was formed and followed the remains to the Cemetery where his body was laid away alongside of sister Groesbeck.

[Editor’s note: In the last six months, Mellie buried her mother, watched over her widowed father, her husband married a second wife, her father passed away, and baby Flora continued sick. ]

July 2
Attended to the settlement of some account and other business about town. In the evening, met with the Trustees and clerk of the District at my house and talked over business connected with school matters.

Wrote some letters and made some Sunday School meeting appointments. Weather very hot and dry, dusty. Was called on to administer to sister Case.

July 3
Wrote some today. Got a pass for Annie to go to Ogden on a visit. … July 4walked into town and saw the procession and crowd. Beer wagons and 2nd class advertisements made the most of the crowd. At home during the day. Went with Mellie and the children to see the fireworks at night which were good.

July 5-12 John Morgan obtained several railroad passes, attended D. O. Calder's funeral at the Tabernacle, and put down some carpet [its unclear in which home]. Looked after the work going on at the school house, got an estimate from Midgley on heating rooms, and looked over roll of assessments for the 14th District …

On July 13 John and Mellie attended the Morgan, Utah Jubilee together, returning home that evening on the p. m. train. ...15th Attended to irrigation of lots in the afternoon.

Annie accompanied John to a conference in Tooele on the 19-20th. Upon their return to Salt Lake … he walked around to pres. Jos. F. Smiths to see him about a trip to the San Juan.

July 21
Went out to the 10th Ward this a.m. and again in the p.m. Wrote some letters and attended to some business about town. …

August 1-9
Was taken up in attending the settling of Groesbeck’s Estate, Working with Hyrum most of the time in the office. This evening, accompanied by Mellie, I went to Springville.
“In the first eight years after the death of the Groesbecks, the extensive
estate was being distributed and the heirs were living well. John Morgan,
emulating his father-in-law, attempted to make real estate work for him and his

August 10
In company with ?. Groesbeck, drove up to Provo to attend the session of the S. S. Supts. We had an interesting session, Pres. W. Woodruff being present, with a goodly attendance from the various wards. At 4:30 p.m. took train in company with Elder Marks and Parry for Salt Lake. Arriving at 6:30 p.m.

August 11
In the office part of the day, and attended to some business connected with schools.

August 12
While walking along the street in front of Z. C. M. I. Hampton Beatie came out and enquired about the death of some Elders in Tenn. which was the First I had heard of the matter.

On going to the “News” office, I found an Associated Press dispatch giving an account of the killing of four Elders in Cane Creek, Lewis Co., Tenn. Late in the evening, I wired Elder Roberts to learn particulars. Called on and had and interview with Pres. Jos. F. Smith on the subject of the Tenn. murder.
The August 12-30th journal entries are primarily related to this tragedy. The event is best explained by The Amateur Mormon Historian and The Ancestor Files blogs posted here: Cane Creek Massacre, Visit to Lewis County, and History of the Southern States Mission.

(To be continued.)
The Man Who Moved City Hall; Nicholas Groesbeck Morgan, by Jean R. Paulson, Copyright 1979, by Marjorie Morgan Gray, pgs 6-9. This picture of the old City Hall is from that book cover. John Morgan worked in city hall for some time. It was moved and preserved on Capitol Hill, in Salt Lake City, by his son, Nicholas Groesbeck Morgan's, efforts.

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John Hamilton and Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan. Part 15.

Continued from here.

From a list of John Morgan’s callings, compiled by Nicholas Groesbeck Morgan, the following helps me better understand this part of his journal.

May 31, 1883, sustained counselor to George Q. Cannon, General Superintendent of the Sunday School Union Board.

August 6, 1883, elected County Superintendent of Schools of Salt Lake County. On the same ticket he was elected to the Legislature of the Territory of Utah.

December 12, 1883, organized the first Salt Lake County Teacher’s Association.

From the John Morgan Journal, Marriott Library, University of Utah.
April 9.
Following General Conference John Morgan arranged for railroad passes for family, and acquaintances, to Colorado, Holbrook, and Springville. … Went with Pres. A. Hatch to the U. P. Office to get rate on stock from Cache Co. Sister Bickington visited with Annie, and Katie Groesbeck with Mellie …

April 13
Walked down to the 15th Ward School house and attended Sunday School in company with brother Goddard and a number of brethren. Had dinner at Hyrums [presumably Groesbeck] and attended and spoke at the Tabernacle on the First principles of the Gospel. In the evening attended 12th Ward Assembly Hall and heard pres. Cannon speak on the question of Plural Marriage and the legality of interfering with it by law…

After Mellie, and two of their children, returned from Springville on April 15 … House cleaning. 18th Looked for a painter to do some work about the house and agreed with Midgley and Sons … April 22 Painters, paper hangers and house cleaning which seems to occupy most of the time. Called at the Pres. Office on school matters.

April 23 At work about the house … Attended Theatre tonight and saw “Taken from Life” played … 24th At home most all day … The workman finished their work and left today. Apr 25 At work getting carpets down and fixing the house all day. Annie returned from Marriotts at 12… April 28 At work about the house most of the day building a coal bin, etc. Called on Pres. Smith and arranged for some more Elders.

The weather was rainy for several days, making the streets very muddy. On May 2 Annie quite sick for the past few days. On May 5 John Morgan attended a Sunday School Union meeting that was so well attended, they had to adjourn from the Assembly Hall to the Tabernacle.

May 11meeting at the tabernacle and Sunday School at the 14th Ward … heard Mattie Cowley preach.

May 12
Obtained a roller and rolled the yard trying to level it off. Accompanied brother Cowley to get reduced rates to Logan, but failed. The Registering Office called at Annies today.

May 13-18 Mellie and John attended the Logan temple dedication, posted here.
May 19
Called at the Pres office and learned that the time for the departure of the missionaries to the south had been deferred for one week ... Brother G. Haim (?) And Rhoda had dinner and supper with us.

May 20 … Accompanied Jas. Daniels to see brother Reynolds about going through the House, but failed to see him. … arranged a program for a Teacher’s Institute in June…. Rained during the entire day.

May 21
Head ache all day. Bought Lawn mower of Sears and Liddle. Cut the grass in the front yard. Wrote some letters and mailed some “Utah Journals,” to a number of people.

May 22
Met brother H. P. Richards and we together visited the 14th Ward Basement to see if it could be arranged for a school. Afterwards went to the 12th Ward and took a look through it. Wrote some letters and had a long and painful talk with Mellie

May 23
Copied the list of property at the City Hotel and carried it to Mrs. F. Busy part of the day destroying caterpillars and digging in the garden …

May 29
Flora quite unwell this afternoon.

May 30
Raining today, and Decoration Day. The Federal Official and a few Gentiles attended the ceremonies at Fort Douglas. …

June 3
During this time I have kept no Journal, partly on account of not feeling to write anything and having had some sickness in the family …

[To be continued.]

[Editor’s note: I believe that, "the long and painful talk with Mellie" on the 22nd, and "copied the list of property" the next day, and "accompanied Jas. Daniels to see brother Reynolds about going through the House" from the 20th, evidence financial difficulties.]
I took the picture of the Old Salt Lake Theatre curtain hanging in the Salt Lake DUP Museum in 2008, prior to their banning picture taking.

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John Hamilton and Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan. Part 14.

Continued from here.

Thirteen years after John and Helen Melvina (Mellie) Groesbeck Morgan’s 1868 marriage, and with four of their then six children still living, they entered into polygamy. John Morgan took a second wife. According to family history Mellie agreed.

From the John Morgan Journal, Marriott Library, University of Utah.
January 9
… While in company with John Houston and R. T. Clark, met Pres. A. M. [presumably Angus Mumm] Cannon who gave us quite a talking about our failure to obey the Law of Celestial Marriage. …

January 12
Attended to some business about town and called at brother Groesbecks to see Mellie … Mellie came down tonight and attended to washing, cleaning up the children. After going to bed we had a long talk about our family affairs and other matters that needed to be talked over.

January 13
At home with Mellie until 11 a.m. when I went up to the 14th Ward Sunday School for a short time … Attended meeting in the Assembly Hall at 2 p.m. and listened to Pres. W. B. Preston and Apostle Geo. Teasdale preach, the latter delivering a fine discourse treating on a variety of topics, bearing a faithful and strong testimony to the Gospel and its many principles. Had dinner at brother Groesbecks and returned home with Mellie and Eliza [presumably his daughters]. Went to the depot and met sister Smith who has come to attend to the housework. [I wonder if this is the Sister Smith, John will marry?]

January 14
Met the members of the Legislature in the meeting at the City Hall and canvassed the question of officers for the Assembly… Adjourned at 4 p.m. and came home and had a most unpleasant talk with Mellie and both felt very bad. Attended meeting at 7 p.m. where a variety of topics were canvassed. Returned home at 10 p.m. and Mellie and I had a talk that lasted until after 11 with a very good result and a much better understanding about many matters.

Mellie continues to watch over her widowed father. On the 15th John recorded … Brother Groesbeck and Mrs. Marsh were with us for dinner. … Mellie went up to her mothers tonight …

January 18 … in the evening attended a party at the Social Hall and enjoyed myself very much, returning and stayed all night at brother Groesbecks. 19th Mellie and the children came down tonight. January 20Had dinner at brother Groesbecks and attended the 16th Ward again in the evening.January 21, Came down from brother Groesbecks where I stayed last night and attended to some matters connected with the Legislature. Attended the 2 p.m. session and caucus (?) At 7 p.m. also a birthday reception party to sister E.R.S. [Eliza Roxcy Snow] Smith on her 80th birthday given at the Social Hall. …

January 24
Endeavored to see A. M. Cannon, but failed. Came up to the Hall and wrote a while. Attended p.m. session and caucus in the evening, took part in the discussion of the labors of the committee on Revision and Compelation [sic]. Rose Stratton called to be administered to, but we failed to see pres. Cannon.

January 25
Called on A. M. Cannon this a.m. relative to administering to sister Stratton [Sister Rose Stratton has not been mentioned before or since.] Went to the pres. Office with Victor Cram to obtain a small appropriation for him. In the Legislature during the p.m. A number of visitors at our house this p.m.

[According to FamilySearch, Adalina Annie Mildred Gwenolin Smith was sealed to John Morgan in the Endowment House on January 25, 1884. What a beautiful string of names. Some of them have been omitted in the Conejos County Church Records of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Members List 1909 (Book 1-M). See Amy’s post at The Ancestor Files for further informtion about their family.]

On February 2Made our arrangements and at 4:42 p.m. took train for Springville in company with my wife [Mellie] and two youngest children. Arrived at 7 p.m. and went to N. H. Groesbecks for the night. … Back in Salt Lake by February 11,Walked up to brother Groesbecks and saw Mellie and children. Sent back up and brought them home. Storming during the entire day.

February 12
Attended to quite a variety of business this a.m. and attended session at 2 p.m. and met with the special committee on a school law for Salt Lake City, Weather very cold. Flora quite sick. …February 14 Attended Theatre at night.

February 15
Attended session at 10 a.m. The School Bill up for discussion. At 1 p.m. accompanied the Wyoming and Utah Legislatures to Camp Douglas where Gen. McCook tendered a reception. At night took Mellie to a Grand Ball at the Theatre, remaining until 1 a.m.

February 16
Attended session at 10 a.m. … At 2 p.m. took train to Ogden in company with other visitors... Had a pleasant chat and a number of speeches on the platform at the depot. Storming terrible during the p.m. Walked out to Annies and stayed all night. Spent a pleasant evening, very tired.

February 17
At Annie’s all day. Storming some. Left at 3:30 p.m. and walked down to the Depot. Fell a very hard fall on the way. Took the 5:15 train and arrived at home at 7 p.m. Found Mellie quite unwell and administered to her. Terribly stormy tonight.

… February 20, Came up to the hall and wrote a number of letters … Attended a party at the Social Hall and took Mrs. M. [presumably Morgan] and Mrs. Homer Clayton. Elders Wiles, Hunter, and Davidsen just returned from a mission to the southern states and stayed all night with me.

With the help of Mattie Cowley, John located a house in the 10th Ward in Salt Lake. By March 26th, he’d arranged for a kitchen range, carpets, and hot water to be hooked up there. Annie resided in the 10th Ward throughout the year.

March 28
Attended some business about town. Wrote some and in the evening took Mellie and daughters to the 14th Ward Hall to a party got up by the Relief Society. ...

General Conference brought many visitors to town. Apr. 2, Cornelia and Katie Groesbeck with brother G. [Groesbeck] came to dinner with us. Apr. 3, Attended the Theatre tonight with Mellie and Katie G. … on April 6thAt meeting all day and at Priesthood meeting at night. During the day Pres. Cannon, Smith, and Taylor spoke to the people and at night the same ones spoke in great plainness at the question of Celestial Marriage and urged the saints and especially the Presiding Priesthood to obey the commandment.

April 7
Attended the setting apart of the missionaries and gave those going to the south instructions as to the journey. Attended Stephen Concert at the Tabernacle and heard some good singing, but it was too long and drawn out.

April 8
Did some writing and some business about town. Got Sam. To do some spading in the 10th Ward. Went out with Mattie Cowley and rode through Liberty Park with Annie.
(To be continued.)

1893 Playbill and The Wards of Salt Lake Map from Nicholas Groesbeck Morgan's collection at Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

John Hamilton and Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan. Part 13.

In the Spring John began fencing lots he’d acquired in Manassa, and he traveled to Chattanooga to accompany another group of emigrants west.

From the John Morgan Journal, Marriott Library, University of Utah.
April 1
Arrived in Pueblo, Colo. At 2 a.m. and remaining in the cars until daylight. We divided the company, the Utah portion under care of Wm. Asper going by the new route to Salt Lake and the rest going to San Luis Valley where we arrived at 3:30 p.m. and were met by the saints from Manassa and cared for. The saints being divided out among the families. This was one of the most successful runs we ever made.

John Morgan visited among the saints in Colorado and looked after the fencing about his lots. On the 10th he planted some walnuts around his lot. And three days later he was back in Salt Lake.

I don’t know if these are walnut trees, but they are trees purported to be planted by John Morgan in Manassa.

He continued doing the same kind of work on his Salt Lake City home. April 17-19 ... bought some tools and spaded up some of the front yard … attending to matters about the house … April 20-21 work at the yard, obtained some soil to put over the ground … April 25-28 hired help with yard, sowing some grass, planting flowers … May 2 Went with Eliza to get her baptized at the Endowment House … May 3 … At work in the p.m. at the yard. Took Eliza to Fast Meeting and had her confirmed. Assisted in confirming and blessing quite a few.

May 8, At work today putting down bricks along the walks in the yard.

The first part of June his wife, Mellie, accompanied him to Colorado for ten days. Upon his return on the 16th he said he rolled the yard this a.m. and attended to work about the place. Journal pages from here until October aren't availabale in the Library.

The trip Mellie accompanied John on to visit his parents, and the Southern States Mission, was posted earlier in four parts.

Trip to the Southern States Mission. Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.
Part 4.

Mellie’s mother, Elizabeth Groesbeck, became ill soon after their return. Elizabeth’s care would fall upon Mellie, for her only other daughter, Josephine, was serving a mission with her husband, John Henry Smith, in England.

December 15
Called to see sister Groesbeck this a.m. who is quite sick. Went to the “Des. News” Office and read proof of letter to Elder South. Bought suit of clothing at Z. C. M. I. and rebuilt a chicken coop. Attended to some business about town.

On December 27, 1883 Mellie’s mother died. You can read an account of the passing of Elizabeth Groesbeck, written by John Morgan, that was posted here earlier.

December 30.
After returning from Elizabeth’s funeral and burial, John wrote, A large company present and a large cortage followed to the graveyard where her remains were laid peacefully away. Returning we had dinner at brother G. [Groesbeck] and remained a short time. Will said that Mellie was the only one who could care for her father now, not seeing that it would break up my family and home which it seems there is a fair prospect of it doing.

The next day John writes that when he went up to the Groesbecks he found my wife quite sick with high fever and ulcerated sore throat. Was with her all day and stayed here tonight.

The next few weeks John Morgan navigates between the care of his wife, Mellie, his children, unsuccessfully arranging for help for Mellie at their home, catering to the demands his newly widowed father-in-law placed on Mellie, his Church responsibilities, the Utah State Legislature, and his upcoming entrance into polygamy.

(To be continued.)
From John Hamilton Morgan Journal, and picture collection. Marriott Library.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

John Hamilton and Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan, Part 12.

This is the inside of a shadow box I put together to display this baby slip and robe made by Great Grandmother Helen Melvina (Mellie) Groesbeck Morgan for one of her granddaughters. Description of the picture inserted with the dress is found on an earlier post here.

John and Mellie lost baby John (pictured on Mellie’s lap above) to illness December 4, 1881. Daughter Flora was born September 1882. At the time of this account their family consisted of daughters Mellie (12), Eliza (7), Ruth (4), and 3 month old baby Flora.

I enjoyed this glimpse into John Morgan's family life in Salt Lake City the Christmas and New Year season of 1882-83. On December 21st John Morgan said, gone shopping with my wife and bought coats for the children. He reminisced that, sixteen years ago today I landed in this city.

On Christmas day he wrote, With my family waded through the snow to the depot and took the train for Springville arriving at 10:30 a.m. and met the friends and relatives at Harmon Groesbecks and had our Christmas dinner at his house.

December 26Spent the time from 27 to Jan 2, 1883 in a visit to Springville among relatives, enjoying ourselves very much. Attended Theatre twice and one party. Also preached twice. Returned home on the evening of the 2nd.
January 3
Attended to some business about town. Met Mattie [Mathias] Cowley and walked up to brother Gs [Groesbeck] at night with Mellie.

John Morgan’s Church assignments permitted him to be close to home and family the first month of the New Year, 1883. January 5, Assisted my wife about the work for an hour or two.January 7, Attended meeting this a.m. In the p.m. Mellie had the toothache so that I could not go... January 9, assisted Mellie with the children to her mothers. Had supper at brother Groesbecks. January 10 … Bought clothes wringer for wife. … January 15, Assisted my wife about the washing …
January 18, One of the coldest days of the season. Addressed the Y.M.I.A. at the 14th Ward and then attended the Masonic Ball at the Opera House.January 19, The coldest day in my recollection. Went to the Social Hall to a party. Took wife and Josephine [Groesbeck Smith, Mellie’s sister].

January 20If anything, colder today than yesterday. Went up to town a time or two, but too cold to be out. …
January 22, About town today. Called at Instructor Office and arranged for three Vol. of the Instructor. [Perhaps like the one posted here.]

January 23Called at the Pres. Office and in the evening went with Mellie to have her teeth pulled…
January 24 … Sister Groesbeck presented me with a fine gold watch…
January 26
Called on Joseph Parry and arranged for cards to be printed for the Elders.
… January 31, Early this a.m. called on Pres. Taylor and had a long talk relative to my labors and what he desired. He gave me much good counsil [sic] and advised me to continue my labors in the missionary field to a limited extend and to also look after my private affairs at home as opportunity may present. Wrote some letters.
From John Hamilton Morgan Journal and collection at the Marriott Library, Special Collections, University of Utah.

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Happy New Year, 2010!

Who are the guests at this luxurious restaurant this 1942 Spring day?
Left to right; Theron Roscoe andWinifred Rex Andrus, Helen Rex Frazier, and Glenn Frazier.

From Helen Rex Frazier collection. Thank you to cousin Marilyn L. for replacing my long lost group picture.