Sunday, July 19, 2015

April 13, 1876, There appears to be a different atmosphere here [Indiana].

A stained glass window from
the new  Indianapolis, Indiana Temple

As an early 1876 missionary John Morgan spent some time with his parents who lived in Illinois. He and his companion, Joseph Standing, traveled from there towards the southern states mission. They worked hard during their stay in Illinois, attempted to hold meetings, and found many doors closed to them. After leaving Illinois the atmosphere changed.

Morgan wrote on April 13, 1876: We are now in Indiana and have been well treated and kindly received by all. There appears to be a different atmosphere here to what there is in Illinois. Am in hopes that we shall be able to do a good work in the neighborhood.

John Morgan’s birthplace of Greensburg, Decatur, Indiana is about fifty-miles from the new Indianapolis, Indiana Temple.


  1. Thanks for the connection to the new temple and John Morgan. I probably would not have thought of that.

  2. What a nice connection to the temple. I've thought something similar many times about the temple under construction in Philadelphia since it was just a short walk from the place where Mary Linton Morgan's father joined the Church.