Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fraziers in the Early Mormon Missionaries data base.

Ivy Mae Frazier White
Salt Lake City Cemetery
"Gone To Her Glorious Reward"

Amy at the Ancestor Files blog announced the new Early Mormon Missionaries data base here early in February. I decided to follow suite and began looking up my ancestors. The first family name I entered “Frazier” was most fruitful and dispelled a family MYTH.

Great Grandfather Stephen Vestal Frazier was the probate judge in Woodruff, Rich County, Utah from 1888 to 1893. He came through those years purportedly declaring that neither he nor any of his children would ever join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

His youngest son, Frank Union, my grandfather, honored his father’s wishes and did not join the Church during his lifetime. I was pleased to learn that three of Stephen Vestal’s  oldest grandchildren (he had fourteen children) served as early missionaries and are listed on the database.

1 – Ivy May Frazier, born July 12, 1897 to Walter J. and Fannie Rose Frazier served her mission to the Sandwich Islands from June 8, 1920 to August 18, 1921.

2 – Charles C. and Mary Ellen Frazier Dean sent two of their sons on missions. Charles Vestal, born March 23, 1884 in Woodruff, Utah served in Great Britain from May 29, 1906 to October 3, 1908. David Leroy was born February 4, 1889 in Woodruff also and served in the Western States in Colorado from June 18, 1912, to September 1, 1914.

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  1. I'll bet one could spend quite a bit of time in that data base. Thanks for sharing about the Fraziers. I had forgotten about the Dean and Frazier connection.

  2. I missed Amy's mention of that website and am so glad you mentioned it! I am excited about exploring it, so thank you!

  3. Thanks Nancy and Flora Lee for your continued interest and support of whatever I come up with to post here. I appreciate you.

    And I appreciate your comments Michelle, its great to hear from other history buffs interested in new leads.