Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1942 letter from Percy Harold Rex to his descendants. Pt 3

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(page 5) We named her Flora Elizabeth Rex after one of her Auntys. Now she is just blooming into young women-hood and I hope she grows into a loveable woman such as her Mother and sisters.

In October of 1929 I was again called into the Bishopric of this ward to be the First counselor to Bishop Lawrence B. Johnson and served for a little over 10 years.

Your Grandmother was very active in church duties singing in the choir in the Y.M.I.A. both in the stake and ward and in the last years of her life she taught in the Relief Society with her very dear Friend Sister Vera H. Peart.

In the cold Bleak days of Nov. 1938 Our Father in heaven saw fit to call your angel Grand Mother home to him and while writing this My eyes fill with tears and hope and pray that when our time comes we will all be as well prepared to meet our Maker as

(page6) she was. She was so sweet Loveable self-sacrificing and such a noble and grand Mate. May we all meet her sometime I pray.

In Aug. 1941 the 25th day I married Mary E. Herbert in the Salt Lake Temple for time and eternity and she is doing a wonderful job in filling the space that was made by the death of your Grandmother.

I may not be here when this is opened or Aunt Mary either but if she is and I am not will you all please be kind to her in her last years.
I pray that you will all live lives worthy of a kingdom in our Fathers Mansion when you have finished your labors here on earth.

Signed, Percy Harold Rex

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From Granddaughter Susan Frazier’s Journal: January 12, 1979. Aunt Mary died tonight. I was glad I was there with Richard [Lamborn]. Even though she might not have known we were there—she might someday. I was praying so hard for the Lord to take her home, and for Grandpa to come get her. I told her a few days before it wouldn’t be long before she would see her parents and brothers and sisters and grandpa and be out of pain. I told her it had been 2 years since she had seen “P.H.” and she said, “Oh no it hasn’t, I saw him the other night.” I cried after because I really will miss her.

The picture is from Helen Rex Frazier’s collection. Notice Maeser’s hand hanging onto his father’s—which may have been steadying Maeser for the picture. Remember part 2 of Percy Harold’s letter; “Now he is like a young Robin that thinks he can fly.” This picture was probably taken about 1939. Flora is wearing a Spring dress, and they must be outside at Randolph; L-R back row, Morgan, Harold, Winnie, Percy Harold (P.H.), in front Flora, Maeser.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. It is very touching! Uncle Maeser definately has a mischievious look:)

  2. As a great-great grandson of PH, I really appreciate all of the postings that are put on this blog! I literally have spent hours upon hours reading through all of it.

    Michael Daniel Rex

  3. I am glad to hear from you, Dan. I love your parents, and I'm pleased you found my blog and enjoy reading our family's history. Its so worth sharing and passing on.