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John Hamilton Morgan, A Father's Heart

This is my second post from studying the John Morgan journal in the Marriott Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. My intent continues to be to learn more of him, my great grandmother, his other wives, and our family. I’m grateful for the increased strength and understanding I’m gaining from this course.

John Morgan is preparing to travel with Southern Mission emigrant converts.

February 19
Emigrants coming in all day from various parts of the mission. Bought tickets and checked luggage during the day and at 10:20 p.m. took Memphis and Charleston train for Zion. J. M. Sutton of the east Tenn. and E. F. Lisson of the Santa Fe accompanied.

On February 23 his group arrived in Pueblo, and then LaJara, ... where we were met by a goodly number of saints who cared for the emigrants.

During this time John Morgan stayed in Manassa and in various homes throughout the area. His daily journal entries detail the saints he visits, blessings he administers, meetings he attends, those who attend, and addresses given. He records people he visits with, arrangements he makes for his properties, his manual labors, and notates letter writing, reading, and mail received. March 6: Administered to sister Campbell and then took a ride across the west field to the ditch. Had two or three runs with some dogs and Jack rabbitts. From this descendant’s view, 118 years later, his pace is exhausting.

March 9
Had a severe attack of rheumatism last night and in much pain this morning. Met a number of the brethren in counsel. About noon accompanied Pres. Smith to Richfield where I tried to alleviate my pain with linements and administering and otherwise, but to no effect. At 5 p.m. took train at LaJara accompanied by three sisters enroute to Utah. At Garland was joined by brother B. In much pain all evening.

March 10
Arriving at Pueblo at 12:35 a.m. Walked over to the Fargo House and secured room with fire in it. Rolled and tumbled the rest of the night. Most of the time on the floor. As early as I could, walked up to the Artesian well and had a bath and began using the water.

March 13
Wrote a letter to brother Kimball and another to Pres. S. Smith. Am improving finely. The pain is leaving gradually and getting good sleep at night. Walked down into town with Annie, and click here

John Morgan and Annie and baby Annie Ray, left for Kansas City on March 17 on the Santa Fe sleeper. Traveling still on the 19th he noted Ray slept nearly all day. They arrived Chattanooga in the evening of the 21st. He conferred with many on mission affairs.

March 24
Read the decision in the Supreme Court on the Edmunds Law, annulling the Commission Test Oath. Arranged with Mrs. Paxton for Annie and myself to room there.

In the evening of March 25 they left for New Jersey via Washington. He arranged to have some printing done, wrote and received a number of letters, and Walked to the top of Cameron Hill with Annie and had a fine view of the city and surrounding country. On the 27th he received a telegram informing him Flora (John and Mellie's [Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan] daughter) was quite sick.

He wired a reply that day. The next day he received a wire that Flora had Malarial Fever and was slightly improved. On the 30th he arrived in Knoxville at 11 a.m. and wrote a letter to Mellie from the Hattie house. He continued conducting business.

March 31
Received a telegram at noon today that Flora was much worse and made arrangements to start home taking M. and C. train at 10 p.m.

April 1
Arrived at Memphis at 10 a.m. and transferred across the river. Started on time. Received a telegram that Flora was still living, but could not last long.

April 2
A heavy storm during the night. Train two hours late. Arrived in Kansas City at 11 a.m. Found the Santa Fe Train gone. Went to the Lindell Hotel. Received a telegram at 1 p.m. that my dear little Flora was dead. She was born on the [19] day of [September] 1882 and died at 11:05 a.m. on the 1st inst. A bright, beautiful child that my love and affections clung to as strong as the bonds of death, but we had to give her up for the time to claim her in the morning of the first Resurrection.

My heart seems almost broken at the thought that I could not be with her.

April 3
Took train at 10 a.m. for the west on the Santa Fe. A pleasant day.

April 4
Arrived at Pueblo at 10:30 a.m. had dinner and at 12:35 took D. and R. G. train for home. Considerable snow on Marshall Pass, but pleasant weather.

April 5
A large rock fell from the mountain side in Black Canyon and Lay on the track detaining us an hour or more. A heavy rain storm in Emery Co. delayed us still further. At Springville, met Jno. A. Groesbeck. Left the train at Francklyn and met H. G. who brought me to brother Pratt who carried me into town where I met my family and my dead baby. All the rest well.

April 6
The friends assembled at 10 a.m. for the funeral. Elder B. H. Roberts spoke and was followed by Pres. A. M. Cannon. The ward choir sang. Brother Geo. [unreadable initial] Taylor presided. Went to the cemetery and deposited her remains in the tomb. Returned to Josephines where I remained until late. Came home about 8:30 p.m.

April 7
At home during the day. A number of friends called to see me. Elder Roberts, S. S. Smith, Brother Cowley, and others.

April 8
During the a.m. the feeling came over me to leave which I did with Ann G. and went up to Johns where I spent the rest of the day. In the afternoon Apostle Jno. Henry Smith called and we had his company two or three hours. In the evening I had a long talk and visited with Apostle F. M. Lyman and talked over a variety of matters.

During the next few days he received many callers at home and he wrote letters. On April 12 At home and quiet all day. Walked out with Mellie in the evening. The next morning, the 13th, Brother Spence called with a ticket for Annie. Arranged to leave for the east tomorrow.

I took the picture of the flowers this Spring 2009, on the Church Plaza, Salt Lake City. Journal entries from John Hamilton Journal at Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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