Thursday, June 18, 2009

Frank Union and Emily Rufi Frazier Part 5

A few more excerpts from Frank. U. Frazier, Woodruff Utah, 1947 Journal

Sun., Apr 6--Had no lambs today. 1 last Night. Aunt. Maud- Rex went home this morning had a good visit with them, Harvey, Marry, Kattie Ann, Marie, Huburt, children was up to Verla for Easter, Bruce, Delora, Frankie, Shirley, Beverly came down for a while.

Thurs., Apr 24--Sheep are doing fine over Creek. Would not eat hay, had a yearling, registered Ewe have twins black faced lambs we put here on the Island, the ditch work that the boys done yesterday was a success, drained out the lower end of the other trench. Elmer & Verla went to show to night. I started to brush the Meddow this afternoon.

Sun., May 4--Emily, Verla, boys went to Sunday School. I worked ditch over creek, Elmer took twins, yearling out to Camp. We went down to Mr, Mrs. Heber Cox’s open house this after noon. Married 51 years on May 6th. Harvey, Marry, Kattie Ann are having supper with Verla.

Sun., May 11--Mother’s day. Bruce, Delora, Franie, Sherlay, Mark, Beverly Sims were down for the day. Went to Sunday School and dinner sure injoyed them. It has rained all day and still raining sure a dandy rain.

Sun., May 18--Little Stephen birthday, we went up the creek on a picknick, Marry, Harvey, Kattie Ann- had a dandy time. The shearers has got set up all ready to go.

Fri., May 30--Bruce, Delora- Frankie came down, Dee- Clair also. For Deckeration Day, It rain after noon, their was quit a crowd. Helen Scot had a baby girl at 12,30. Every one is fine

Mon., Jun 2--Washed to day. Emily hung cloths out- I went with Francis over in dogholler and found Charley Francis camped on Sec 21 had been their 13 days. I guess he will have some damage to pay. Fixed pasture fence over creek this after noon.

Mon., Jun 9--Washed to day. It rained of on, all Morning. Larence Johnson left with his yearling this morning. Elmer & I fixed the spring down in pasture. We Killed five hens. Two for Market, 3 for dinner to Morrow- Delora.

Sat., Jun 14--Emily & My wedding anniversery. 41 years. Quite a while to live together in peace- We went to Randolph to have car inspected will have to go back Monday. Elmer, Verla went to Evanston to show, supper with Harvey, Marry

Tues., Jun 24--I finished the rake turing and fixed two neck yokes this morning. We are voting on the $100000.00 Bond for two School houses got the push rake back from Shelbys.

Top picture, adults L-R, Verla Ione Madsen Frazier, unknown, Emily Rufi Frazier, Frank Union Frazier, children, Mark Frodsham, Shirley Frodsham Sims, Frank Frodsham. Bottom picture, L-R Emily Rufi Frazier, daughter Delora Frazier Frodsham holding baby, others unknown. From Glenn and Helen Rex Frazier collection.

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