Monday, June 8, 2009

Frank Union Frazier Part 1

Frank Union Frazier
b. 3 Aug 1884, Woodruff, Utah
p. Stephen Vestal Frazier, Elizabeth Walton Frazier
m. 14 Jun 1906, Woodruff, Utah
wife. Emily Rufi
d. 17 Jan, 1953, Salt Lake City, Utah
b. 20 Jan, 1953, Woodruff City Cemetery

Frank Union Frazier was the youngest child of Stephen Vestal and Elizabeth Walton Frazier's fourteen children. His father and mother were Woodruff pioneers. They moved from Lawrence, Kansas to Bountiful, Utah before 1874. They were in Woodruff, Utah with their six children by 1875.

Writing of her husband, George Frazier (12 years older than Frank Union), Annie Rufi Frazier said that as a child, “George would go fishing and catch some trout and then play with the Indians, which were camped on the Woodruff Creek on Frazier’s Ranch. Indians were camped on the Frazier homestead. They came as pioneers. The cabin had a dirt floor with straw on it and a fireplace we used to do the cooking with a big iron kettle. When George was five years old, the folks had one cow.”

Frank attended the Woodruff, Utah School, as would his children and many of his grandchildren.

The Frazier Ranch, about one mile up the creek from Woodruff, Utah, with some of the buildings in the foreground, and the willow lined creek across the meadow.

(To be continued.)

The First 100 Years in Woodruff, printed by Art City Publishing Co., Springville, Utah 1972, p269. Pictures of Frank Union Frazier and his father, Stephen Vestal Frazier about 1890, and the Woodruff school, and the Frazier Ranch from Glenn and Helen Rex Frazier collection.

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