Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Frank Union and Emily Rufi Frazier Part 4

Frank Union and Emily Rufi Frazier and their children and spouses 1940s.

Back row standing. L-R, Frank Union Frazier, Emily Rufi Frazier, Bruce Frodsham, Verla Ione Madsen Frazier, Elmer Frazier, Ronald Sims.
Front row kneeling, sitting. L-R, Shirley Frodsham Sims, Delora Frazier Frodsham, Glenn Frazier, Helen Rex Frazier.

Frank and Emily Frazier standing on a sidewalk at the Ranch.

Frank Frazier’s farm-truck loaded with Glenn and Helen’s belongings after their October-November 1949 drive from Oakland, California home to the Ranch in Woodruff, Utah.

In 2001 I made a typed copy of Frank Union Frazier’s 1947 Journal. It is the one his son Glenn Frazier inherited. I retained his spelling, capitalization, and punctuation (he frequently leaves the final “t” off of thought, bought, etc.), and sent a copy to his son and daughter-in-law, Elmer and Verla Frazier. They were so happy reading and remembering. They didn’t know of any other yearly journals that survived. I’ve been told he kept one every year.

Excerpts from Frank. U. Frazier
Woodruff Utah
1947 Journal

Most of the pages are filled for the rest of the year. I've selected a few for this post, and a few to follow. This little day journal gives us a glimpse into Frank Union Frazier family and Woodruff, Rich County, Utah, history.

Sat., Jan 11--Verla & I went to Evanston to shop and I to fix Internal Revenue. We had made a profit of $4400.00 and had to pay $118.00. Elmer & Verla & Brent went out to Harvey’s & Marry for supper. It was quit a blizzard in Evanston. I made the first payment on the Milker $18.61. The creamry ck. Was $98.66

Tues., Jan 21--I killed two lambs for Ray Cox and will take his hides to Salt Lake, he is going to haul our Ice for us with his truck. We got our first buck lamb today. Mother’s Ewe. Cloyd Eastman took one of our Calves $5.00. We had a cow hang another bull calf last night. Vallier had dinner with us today. The folks are all gone to Mutual and I am baby nurse.

Sat., Feb 1--The wind has stoped at last Frankie & Mark brought 4400# Coal down to day, took a truck of hay back. Joe Vernon & Lee Cox Killed a horse up by the Rock house, Elmer, Verla & Brent went down to a practace for Brent.. Emily & I are going to Conference at Evanston tomorrow.

Sun., Feb 2--We all went Evanston to Conference. That is Joe Curtis & Erosia went with Emily and I. There were 495 their this afternoon. Harvy & Marry were here for dinner. Had 4 lambs to day. The weather has turned warmer.

Thur., Feb 6--I put pet lamb on Ewe that lost her lambs. I was going to Camp after a Ewe – lamb but it was to Mudy. Will go in Morning. Arthor Dean was here and watched us milk as he has one like ours-

Mon., Feb 10--Coop Creamry Annual Meeting this afternoon, the Coop is in Very good shape payed a diveden of $86.36 that is Very good. Arthor and Thos Dean went down with us Ivine Eastman took care of things. Washed this Morning.

Sat., Feb 22--George Washington’s Birthday. A Very great man. Elmer, Verla- Emily went to Evanston to night to the Green-Ball for the Church. Had a fine Hamp. Ewe that could not lamb. I worked on her for two hours and had to kill her.

Tues., Feb 25--Snowed about 3 inches- Emily & I went to our party Emily dressed as Martha Washington. Took her far fine. Elmer – Charener Eastman went after truck charged $10.00. We had a Ewe have three Ewe lambs.

Mon., Mar 3--I went to Randolph to a Meeting of AAA of which I am a Member of the County board. Had a schooling of signing up the farmers. Vern Hopkins bought our dinner 8 of us had a nice day of it. It was a very warm day.

Frank Union Frazier journal and pictures from Glenn and Helen Rex Frazier collection.


  1. I never realized you would be doubly related to Mary as in Harvy and Mary. Anyway I am thinking it is Harvy and Mary Rufi,

  2. You are a Rich County woman. Yes, Glenn and Helen Rex Frazier had double cousins (is that how you would say it?). Harvey Rufi Jr. married Mary Rex. His father, Harvey Rufi, is brother to the three Rufi sisters (Emily, Annie, Agnes) who married the three Frazier brothers (Frank, George, Thomas). Thomas and Agnes lived in Salt Lake, the others lived in Woodruff. Harvey Rufi, jr. and Mary Rex Rufi lived at the Deseret Livestock on the way to Evanston. Is it still there? I'm sorry I went on and on--that's too much information.