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1942 letter from Percy Harold Rex to his descendants. Pt 1

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In 1942 some citizens of Randolph, Utah decided to write letters to their descendants and place them in a “time capsule” to be opened fifty years later. I can’t remember just where the “time capsule” was deposited, but it seems like it may have been on a shelf, or in a closet in the city hall, or ward house. A few years short of the fifty years the “capsule” was discovered and opened. Many interesting items were in it.
This letter from Percy Harold Rex to his descendants was among the papers, and a copy made its way to me. I honestly cannot remember how. I believe it may have come via Aunt Flora Rex Lamborn, because my mother, Helen Rex Frazier, passed away in 1982.
Thank you to my granddaughter for typing part of it for me while she visited this past conference weekend. I added a few notes and some punctuation to make it easier to read.

Randolph Utah
May 26 1942
To John Morgan Rex, My first Grandchild, and those who come in the Future.

I was born here on Sept. 30, 1889 and lived here all my life. In June of 1911 your great Uncle John Osland and myself went to Salt Lake City to June conference or Mutual Improvement associations. And while there I met one of the sweet[est] and grandest persons that I had met in my life, your grand Mother Bessie Morgan. We courted for a year and on June 12-1912 we 
were married in the Salt Lake Temple for time and all eternity.

We made our home on the ranch that your Uncle Sam Rex now has and spent nearly all of the first two years of our married life there. And how happy we were together because no one will ever have a sweeter wife than I had at that time.

On March 31-1913 our joys and

(page 2) and happiness was added to greatly so we had a sweet little Black headed daughter come to our home and we named her Helen and today she still has that sweet Loveable nature that she was born with.

She expects to become a mother in the next few months and I hope that her joys will be as great as ours was.

We were getting along just Grand and on July 24-1915, Pioneer day at 4-30 A.M. a little boy appeared in our home to add more happiness to our little nest that was one half block east of Main Street on Canyon Street. And we named him Harold Morgan Rex.

He grew quite fast and when he was four years old he had a saddle and horse we called Nell and was following his father almost ever where he went.

I had a ranch at that time 3 ½ miles S.E. of Randolph with a number of cattle and he would help me with them as he grew up.

In April of 1917 our good old U.S.A. declared War on Germany as one of her U. Boats had sent one of our ships

(To be continued.)
Picture of the Randolph Ward taken February, 2011.

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  1. Can't wait to read the rest. I'm sure I have read it in the past but forgotten. Thanks for putting it up here