Friday, February 18, 2011

Aunt Flora (Flora Elizabeth Rex Lamborn) 1930-2011

About 1936 in Randolph Utah; l-r, Winnie Rex Andrus,
Glenn Frazier, Helen Rex Frazier, and Flora Elizabeth Rex Lamborn in front.
My dear Aunt Flora passed away on Saturday, February 12, 2011.
This is Flora at the P. H. Rex Family Reunion in Bryce Canyon, 2006.

“And ever has it been that love knows not its own depth
until the hour of separation.”—Kahlil Ghibran

Flora's funeral is in Randolph tomorrow, February 19th, and the obituary can be seen here.

At times it is difficult to believe that the harsh reality of death holds the promise of resurrection. President Gordon B. Hinckley wrote these words while attending the funeral service of a friend:
What is this thing that men call death,
This quiet passing in the night?
‘Tis not the end, but genesis
Of better worlds and greater light.

O God, touch Thou my aching heart,
And calm my troubled, haunting fears.
Let hope and faith, transcendent, pure,
Give strength and peace beyond my tears.

There is no death, but only change
With recompense for victory won’;
The gift of Him who loved all men,
The Son of God, the Holy One.

(Teachings of Gordon B Hinckley, 552)
Christ is risen! And because he lives, we shall live also.


  1. Thank you Bessie for your kind tribute and your love and support especially this past week. After reading President Hinkley's words I think I will be able to go to sleep.

  2. What a beautiful tribute! I loved Flora and my life was enriched because she was my friend. I will miss her greatly.