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James and Mary Mead Rex Clucas. Part 5.

The William and Mary Mead Rex [Clucas] history is continued from here.

Mary Mead Rex was married to James Clucas in St. Louis the following year, December 28, 1853. Family records indicate their marriage was performed by Mormon Elders; Samuel James Lees and Brigham H. Young.

The James Clucas family had immigrated from England in 1849, a year earlier than the William Rex family. The Clucas family also sailed from Liverpool, England on the James Pennell (departed England September 1, 1849 – arrived New Orleans October 22, 1849).

Mormon Immigration Index Passenger List
James Pennell (September 1849)

Clucas, James, [born] 1823
Clucas, Ann, [born] 1827
Clucas, Elizabeth A., [born] 1847

"We had a good violinist and accordion player on board, and also a number of good singers, and every night before or after prayers, we have a very enjoyable time. The evening after we had passed the equinoctial line. The captain in order to keep the ship upright on an even keel, to have a good dance, ran her about fifty miles off her course. The enjoyment derived there from being well worth the time. Sailors and passengers having a most enjoyable time. During the voyage there were only three causes for sorrow, or fear. Two of which were caused by the death of two babies who were sick when they came on board, and the third case was a storm in the Gulf of Mexico, by which we lost our mizzen top mast. "-- Gardner, Frederic, A Mormon Rebel: The Life and Travels of Frederick Gardiner, ed. And introduced by Hugh Garner (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Library, 1993) pp. 10-13, 53-54. (HDL)

The James Clucas family was living in St. Louis when the William Rex family arrived there in 1851.

In 1860 James and Mary Mead Rex Clucas household consisted of fifteen people, from three families. Mary Mead Clucus was born to James and Mary on November 11, 1854.

James Clucas died from dysentery on December 23, 1864.
"As the boys grew older they went away from home seeking more lucrative employment. Thomas, the eldest, joined up with a surveying crew which took him over much of the territory, even into Wyoming. William went onto a farm in Illinois and it was from there that he enlisted in the union Army. Alfred G. also enlisted in the Union Army for the duration of the Civil War." -- The Rex Family,” Edna B. Rex, Our Pioneer Heritage, V5, Kate B. Carter, 1962, pgs 498-500.
"Alfred G. also enlisted in the Union Army for the duration of the war. He was a drummer boy and William played the flute." --Rex Family History, pg 16.
[note:] Family stories preserved the fact that Mary's sons enlisted in the service while they were too young. Their mother went to camp to retrieve one of them and took him home with her. He purportedly left home again, and returned to the war. I couldn't find any documentation on Alfred's service.

To all whom it may concern.
William Rex, a private of Captain Edward C Dew, Company B,145 Regiment of Ill. Infantry Volunteers who was enrolled on the 21st day of May, 1864 to serve 100 days is hereby Discharged from the service of the United States, this 23rd day of Sept, 1864, at
Camp Butler by reason of Expiration of term of Service. Said William Rex was born in the State of England, is 19 years of age, 5 feet 5 inches high, leight [sic] complexion, Hazel eyes, leight [sic] hair, and by occupation, when enrolled, a farmer. Given at Camp Butler Ill this 23rd day of Sept 1864
/s/ D [illegible] Montgomry, 1st Lieut, 17th U.S. Infantry
Edward C. Deu, Mustering Officer, Capt Cornd”g Co.--
This certificate is from my mother's collection, and a copy of it is in the Rex Family History Book

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