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1942 letter from Percy Harold Rex to his descendants. Pt 2

(Continued from here.)

(page 3) to the bottom of the ocean with a great loss of lives.

Your Uncle John H. Morgan served in the war as had Both of your great grandfathers did in the Civil War: your grand uncle John Morgan Rex is doing at Present or has given his life for his country so you see he is the third generation to fight for this flag and country of ours.

I had to register then as I have done now and my number was called out but did not have to go.
On April 23-1918 we had another cup of Joy added to our home in the form of another little girl and we called her Winnifred after a very dear neighbor girl that lived next to Grandmother Morgan on 359 Bryan Ave. Salt Lake City, Utah.

June 1920 we moved to the Home we now live in on Canyon street Just west of Main Street.
In February of 1918 I was called to

(page 4) be second counselor to /Bishop Geo. A. Peart Jr. of the Randolph Ward and served for about Six years.

On December 28-1920 our home was again filled with the Joy of a fine big baby boy and we named him John Morgan Rex, the Hero in our eyes today he grew to be a noble and loveable son.

We went to Oakland, Calif. Last Nov. and spent Thanksgiving with him and Helen Frazier and said Farewell to him at Hamilton Field, as he was assigned to foreign duty.

On May 9-1924 we had another young man come to make his home with us and we named him Maeser Morgan Rex. Now he is like a young Robin that thinks he can fly and is preparing to go to Washington D.C. to meet his big Brother Harold who is there going to school and making a home for his family.

Six years later on April 7-1930 our family was increased again by the coming of a sweet little daughter. She surly had a welcome reception as her mother use to say that she would have a daughter to help for a long time.

(To be continued.)
Picture of the corner of Main and Canyon Streets, Randolph, Utah, August, 2011.

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