Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mellie's homes on Bryan Avenue.

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These homes are at 359 and 363 Bryan Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah. I took this picture in 2007, when I happened upon an open house at 359 Bryan Avenue, the house on the left.

According to Nicholas G. Morgan’s biography the home Mellie moved her family to in 1897 was at 363 York Street (York Street was renamed Bryan Avenue prior to the 1910 Census). She was only able to make the move because that year she began receiving a widow's pension from her deceased husband's Civil War Service.

While her son Nick was attending law school and working in Washington D.C. he wrote his Mother a letter on March 15, 1908.

My dear Mother
I must tell you that the senate passed a bill the other day that will raise your pension to $12 p.m
[per month]. All that is required is teddy’s [Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. president 1901-1909] signature and it is a law.

This is 363 Bryan Avenue.

This is 359 Bryan Avenue.

1900 Salt Lake City, Utah Census, 363 York Street

Helen M. (Mellie) Morgan family

1910 Salt Lake City, Utah Census, 359 Bryan Avenue

Helen M. (Mellie) Morgan family

Sonder Sanders' family next door had a daughter

named Ellen Winifred.

Perhaps she is the dear friend Bessie Morgan Rex named

her second daughter after, Winifred Rex Andrus.

1920 Salt Lake City, Utah Census, 359 Bryan Avenue

Helen M. (Mellie) Morgan family

Helen M. (Mellie) Morgan family
This is a picture of Mellie's 359 Bryan Avenue home from my mother, Helen Rex Frazier's, collection. She and so many other family members lived there with their mother and grandmother.

Mellie didn't own this home, her sister Josephine Groesbeck Smith did. You can see it pictured in a history of one of John Henry and Josephine Groesbeck Smith's descendants here.

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  1. I have been enjoying your posts. I remember the reuinion when we were able to drive by these homes. Thanks for the info.

  2. I just found out that I'm related to Sondra Sanders (great-great-grandfather). I appreciate the info on the street change. I had found an obituary of one of their children, and it had mentioned they live on York St. Thanks for the post!

  3. I'm happy this helped. Its amazing what one small fact can clear up.