Sunday, June 25, 2017

Garrard Morgan died when? And he is buried where?

Recently a Find A Grave volunteer took this picture of Great Great Grandmother Eliza Ann Hamilton Morgan's grave site at my request. She was buried here in South Park Cemetery, Greensburg, Decatur, Indiana following her April 18, 1901 passing. She was living in Greensburg with her oldest son at that time.

Sadly there wasn't anyone living to see to it that a gravestone was placed at her grave site.  Or perhaps there wasn't any money to pay for one. Her obituary appeared in the Greensburg newspaper and is posted here

It was a pleasant surprise to discover her brother David W. Hamilton's gravestone prominently placed next to the unmarked area, which is her grave site. His death was five years before hers. 

The part of the story we don't know, is, "where is her husband Garrard Morgan" buried? According to a letter Eliza Ann wrote her daughter-in-law in 1895 Garrard was still living with her then, in Champaigne, Illinois. In the 1900 census (June 14, 1900) Eliza Ann is a widow living with her son William H. Morgan in Fall Creek Township, Middletown, town, Indiana.

It's presumed Garrard died in Illinois and is buried there somewhere.   
"Champaigne, Illinois April 29, 1895
"My dear Daughter [Helen Melvina “Mellie” Groesbeck Morgan]
“It is Monday morning and wash day …. Yes, this is your Pa’s birth month and all the children have written him such nice affectionate letters and he puts all the letter writing upon me. Says he cannot wright—I am sorry to say it is true—he cannot collect his thoughts. I am very fond of writing letters, but oh how I dread to write your Pa’s.”

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