Friday, June 30, 2017

Bessie Morgan Rex and Her Hat!

Keepapitchinin recently published,  "Leave Your Hats Off While We Pray" by Annie Malin. I've been looking for this picture of my grandmother Bessie Morgan Rex and her hat ever since reading the poem.  I believe they go together.

Leave Your Hats Off While We Pray
by Annie Malin (1915)

It's the rule now for the ladies
Almost everyplace they go,
To lay aside their head-gear,
And the rule is good I know;
But if asked for my opinion
I should very quickly say,
"For goodness sake, my sisters,
Leave your hats off while we pray!"

For when the sermon's ended
There's a bustle and a stir
As if each one feared her neighbor
Would get out ahead of her;
There's a pinning and a bobbing
In a most distracting way -
So I feel like say, "Sisters,
Leave your hats off while we pray."

We try to see who's called on'
To make the closing prayer,
But the sisters still are pinning
And smoothing down their hair.
I should truly think the brother
Would forget himself and say,
"We would like to see the sisters
Leave their hats off while we pray."

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