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David W. Hamilton. Last Will and Testament 1896.

David W. Hamilton’s recently discovered March 29, 1895 Will revealed so many interesting facts.
He begins with, “David W. Hamilton of Indianapolis, Indiana, make and publish this my last Will and Testament  …
“Item 4: I give and devise three hundred dollars ($300) for the purpose of repairing and putting an iron fence around the graves of my Father [James Hamilton], Mother [Margaret Turner], Brother [presently unknown]and Sister [presently unknown], who are buried on Mr. Burns Peery’s farm in Decatur County, Ind., and to put a stone at the grave of my brother Frank [Frank was not listed among James Hamilton heirs], who is buried in Richland Cemetery, Monroe County, Ind.”
 October 18, 1895 Codicil [to amend or change]:
“I hereby revoke Item 4 of my will in which provision for the purpose or reparing [sic] and putting an iron fence at the graves of my father, mother, brother, and sister, who are buried in the farm now owned by Mr. Burns Peery in Decatur County, Indiana and stove at my brother Frank’s grave in Monroe County, Ind.”
 I've discovered that David W. Hamilton does NOT have a brother named Frank.  David’s oldest brother Jesse T Hamilton is buried at Richland Cemetery in Monroe County, Indiana, as is Jesse’s son Frank B. Hamilton.
Mr. Burns Peery’s 1917 obituaries tell us a little about where James [died 1844] and Margaret Hamilton [died 1855] and two of their children are actually buried. No wonder I’ve never found them during “traditional searching.”
The Old Peery Homestead and Auburn Hill
"Thomas Burns Peery was born on a farm near Kingston, Ind., in the old Peery homestead now a part of Auburn Hill. In early boyhood his parents bought the farm later known has Wm. S. Peery Farm and removed to that place.  ... His father was a pioneer of Methodism in Decatur county, his home being used as a place of worship in the early history of the county before there were any churches unless perhaps in the county seat."  (August 3, 1917 Greensburg Standard Newspaper)

"The deceased was married to Louisa J. Guest, of Milford, February 27, 1866, and they resided for about forty years on the farm two miles northwest of Greensburg, retiring to this city ten years ago."  (July 27, 1917 Greensburg Standard Newspaper)

All of this helps answer the question of why James and Margaret Hamilton don't appear in any known cemetery records. Their son's Will identifies their burial sites. The names of the brother and sister buried with their parents remain to be discovered.  

Franklyn B. Hamilton Richland Cemetery gravestone


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