Saturday, June 25, 2011

Helen Melvina (Mellie) Groesbeck Morgan's children search for sego bulbs. 1895.

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In 1895 Mellie sent Ruth and Nick up Capitol Hill on a May day hike. She sent a bandana with them to fill with sego lily bulbs. Their search among the Capitol Hill rock and rubble from the 1876 Arsenal explosion, and remnants of the old Salt Lake City adobe wall was fruitful. The gathered a bonanza of sego bulbs.

“Let’s go, Ruth. We’ve got enough.” Nick held up the bulging bandana, tied at the corners.

“All right, Nick, but you’ve got to promise not to run all the way.” She threw her head back and tossed a bulb into her mouth. …

“I wish Papa was here to eat some of these. He loved them.” The two started down the hill, Nick swinging the loaded bandana.

In 1897 Mellie received a Civil War pension she had applied for during the previous year, with retroactive payments. She was able to move her family south of the city into the Farmers Ward area where they lived in three different homes. Each home is still standing. I will post pictures of them here next.

(To be continued.)

Picture from Wikipedia. Nicholas Groesbeck Morgan; The Man Who Moved City Hall, by Jean R. Paulson, published 1979 by Marjorie Morgan Gray, pgs 40, 56.

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