Sunday, March 7, 2010

#7 Amelia Catherine Jorgensen Burt, on the Sanborn line.

This beautiful little book fell into my home. Literally! I wasn’t home when the giver came by with it a month ago, so he propped it up against my front door. When the door was opened, plop, it toppled in. What an exciting windfall!

It is from Grandmother Burt’s funeral services in 1939. And someone (probably daughter Beryl Burt Sanborn) actually filled in many of the pages.
The following is my favorite page.

Other pages list more information.
Services: Milcreek Ward House, 1:0’clock, 16 Mar., 1939
Officiating: Mill Creek Ward Bishopric; A.M. Cornwall, Bishop, L[l]oyd Park, [ blank] Burbidge
Sermon Notes: Richard R. Towler, E. M. Rynearson, A. M. Cornwall
Music: Abide With Me, In the Garden, My Heavenly Home, and Face to Face.
Bearers: David Hilton, Cottonwood; Therman A. Smith, Salt Lake City, Utah; Vinton Smith, Centerville, Utah; Roy Turner, 7th East & 39 South; Jack Hartshorn, Salt Lake City, Utah; McKeith Burt, North Salt Lake.
Final Resting Place: Elysian Gardens, Murray, Salt Lake, Utah.
Laid to Rest: Amelia Catherine Jorgensen Burt, 3:30 p.m., 16 March, 1939

There are pages filled for each of the following: Relatives Attending, Friends who called, Tributes from Friends, Automobile Donors, and Societies Member of: Relief Society was the one society listed.


  1. Amelia Catherine sounds so poetic. What a neat book. Do you have any idea who brought it to you?

  2. I know now, it was my brother-in-law, Gene Silotti. He drives by my house on the way to the cemetery freqently, since his wife passed away last June. One of his granddaughter's wanted her grandmother's cedar chest. The booklet was in the chest, and he gifted it to me. Well, to my husband, but we share.

  3. Amelia is my 2nd great-grandmother, through her daughter Margaret Gilmour Burt, who married Charles Luther Carlisle and had my grandmother, Lois Carlisle. I came across your blog while searching for some information about Amelia's life. Do you have any electronic files about her or pictures you would be willing to share?