Thursday, March 4, 2010

"A Thousand Years of Family History"

Did you know that RBFO stands for Richard Brough Family Organization? They have recently made, and released, “A Thousand Years of Family History,” as described in today’s MormonTimes here. Since the history they have compiled and filmed is on YouTube—anyone can watch it, free of charge.

It’s in four parts. Each part is just under ten minutes. So you can watch one when you have a few moments. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing them today. And recommend them to all Richard Brough descendants, and to anyone interested in seeing what a family organization can do to share their history and story. You will find the YouTube links in the MormonTimes article.

William and Mary Elizabeth Brough Rex and Elizabeth Bott Brough by their home in Randolph, Utah (before 1921).

Elizabeth was known throughout Randolph for her delicious hot cross buns. She delivered them to family and friends on Good Friday. Some of her daughters and grand daughters have done the same.
A two part history of Samuel and Elizabeth Bott Brough is posted on this blog.
Picture from Helen Rex Frazier collection.

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  1. Thanks for this info. I looked at 2 of them today and thoroughly enjoyed them. Richard (Dick) Brough was my seminary teacher and I babysat his children Shane and Tami (along with several other siblings) who were also in the video. I loved the green courntryside shots.