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1883 Visit to David Whitmer, Richmond, Missouri.

John Morgan had an incredible ability of traveling throughout the country, wisely using every day and hour, and accomplishing countless assignments along his way.

From John Morgan’s journal of February 27-28, 1883, he bid the saints good-bye after an interesting meeting in Richfield, Colorado, and rode the train east, noting pleasant weather.

March 1Arrived at K. C. [Kansas City] early this a.m. and took Wabash train for Lexington Junction, then by buggy to Richmond where I called Mr. Marshall, David Whitmer, Gen. Doniphan and others. Obtained a picture of D. W. [presumably David Whitmer] and mailed to Junius Wells. At 3:30 took train for Lexington Junction and at 9 p.m. took train for St. Louis.

On March 2nd he arrived in St. Louis at 7 a.m., met a party of twenty-three elders, most bound for the southern states, and spent the day in the city with them. They visited several “points of interest” and boarded an evening train for Cincinnati.

View 1883 trip to David Whitmer & others in a larger map

Here is a very interesting BYU Studies Artilcle about gathering information and a picture of David Whitmer, of which it appears John Morgan may have played a part.

David Whitmer

General Alexander William Doniphan

Junius Wells

From John Hamilton Morgan journal, Marriott Library, Special Collections, University of Utah. Picture of david Whitmer from Wikipedia.

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