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Uncle Robert Marshall Hamilton, Greensburg, Indiana, 1811-1901.

from John Morgan's journal, Normal, Illinois,
January 4, 1876… I enter here my genealogy: My grandfather and father were named Garrard Morgan. My grandmother Morgan’s maiden name was Sarah Sanderson. On my mother’s side my great grandfather was named John Hamilton; his wife, Elizabeth. Great Grandfather was James Hamilton, his wife, Margaret Hamilton. My mother’s name is Eliza Ann Hamilton. Gerrard Morgan, Jr. had a sister, Mary Morgan who married Marshall Hamilton, himself father of Woodson Hamilton.
John Morgan’s Uncle Marshal Hamilton is mentioned in several John Morgan journal entries, and in particular, he is mentioned in the genealogy above.

In 1883 John Morgan took his wife, Mellie, on a trip to visit family members in Greensburg, Indiana. The account is posted here.

On November 2 he wrote, Got a buggy and drove out past where I was born. Went to uncle Marshall Hamiltons and stayed all night.

The following account from the History of Decatur County, Indiana, about Robert Marshall Hamilton is very interesting.

“Robert Marshall Hamilton was born on November 17, 1811, and died on August 6, 1901. His wife, who, before her marriage, was Mary Morgan, was born in January, 1811, and died, February 3, 1884. They were married, September 26, 1834. He was the son of Robert Hamilton, who, in turn was the son of William Hamilton. Robert Marshall Hamilton, who was born in Kentucky, came to Decatur county, Indiana, when twelve years old and lived in Washington township all his life. During his life he erected a large brick house on the Clarksburg turnpike in Washington township, and it is this house which has since been remodeled, until it is now one of the most beautiful and attractive farm homes in Decatur county. Of the five children born to Robert Marshall and Mary (Morgan) Hamilton only three are now living, Charles C. and Gerard are deceased; Thomas Woodson, the eldest child, lives in Greensburg; Mrs. Sarah Rankin lives in Washington township; Mrs. Samuel L. Jackson is the other living child. A very energetic man, Robert Marshall Hamilton provided well for his family, educated his children and amassed a fortune, owning at the time of his death, thirteen hundred acres of land. First an Abolitionist, then a Republican and still later a Prohibitionist, he was a man of pronounced views. It is an interesting fact that his home was an important station of the underground railway, and that he sheltered many runaway slaves during his life, narrowly escaping trouble and damages on several occasions. A member of the Presbyterian church, in the latter part of his life he gave freely of his wealth to various educational institutions, and during his day and generation had, perhaps, more to do with the educational progress of this county than any other man."

... "September 9, 1886, Mr. [Samuel] Jackson married to Mary Hamilton, the daughter of Robert Marshall and Mary (Morgan) Hamilton, who was born on October 8, 1848, and who at the time of their marriage was two years her husband's junior. After this marriage, Mr. Jackson moved to the farm owned by Robert Marshall Hamilton, the old home place."

In an attempt to find some answers to the question posted here, Why did the Morgan’s move to Indiana?, I’ve been looking.

1. “The year 1840 was a gloomy period in the history of Carlisle [Nicholas County, Kentucky], the suspension of the banks in 1837 followed by the issue of Commonwealth paper in the State, the loss of confidence and the fearful stagnation in business culminated in hard times but things were looking up by 1843 and 1844.”

2. I sorted and counted the 1850 US census for Decatur County, Indiana found here. There are 100 Hamiltons listed. Fifteen of the approximately twenty families have parents who were born in Kentucky. There are 40 Morgans. Five of the approximately nine families have parents who were born in Kentucky

172b-16, Hamilton, R. M. [Robert Marshall], 40, Ky
172b-17, Hamilton, Mary [Morgan], 40, Ky
172b-18, Hamilton, Thomas [Woodson], 15, Ind
172b-19, Hamilton, Charles, 6, Ind
172b-20, Hamilton, Sarah [Rankin], 4, Ind
172b-21, Hamilton, Mary [Mrs. Samuel L. Jackson], 2, Ind

166a-41, Morgan, Gerrard, 44, Ky
166a-42, Morgan, Eliza [Ann Hamilton], 34, Ky
166b-1, Morgan, William H, 10, Ind
166b-2, Morgan, John W, 7, Ind
166b, 3, Morgan, Sarah T, 5, Ind
166b, 4, Morgan, Leonidas, 3, Ind

As I learn more, I'll share here.

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