Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 4th Woodruff, Utah ancestors' observance.

Albert Orlando Frazier was Stephen Vestal Frazier’s thirteenth child. He was three years older than my own grandfather, Frank UnionFrazier, who was born August 3, 1884.

Albert Orlando wrote:

“Father built a long log house on his homestead and reared his family. My father held the first 4th of July celebration on the ranch. I was a very small boy at that time and in commeration [sic] of the day of independence the stars and stripes waved in the breeze in the large hill close to the ranch. Father had just finished some large cattle sheds which were used for a bowery to help keep cool and an ice stand for we little ones. I can remember that day very well and loved to listen to the brass band playing during the program."

“Patriotism was a deep seated characteristic of the people. The 4th of July was a tradition of older citizens. First raising of the Stars and Stripes, next a parade led by brass band led by W. K. Walton family they contributed so much music and dramatics. Afternoon spent in old Bowery where lemonade was served from large wooden Barrels. Baseball main sport and a few saddle horses races to top off the day, with a big dance at night. “

The long log house Stephen Vestal Frazier first built on his Woodruff, Utah land later became his blacksmith shop which I well remember roaming through. At that time it smelled of old—fire, wood, metal, and dirt. It is pictured beneath the tree to the left in the picture below (about 1990).

Twenty-five years ago my two youngest children and I climbed to the top of the hill across the roadway from Stephen Vestal Frazier's Woodruff, Utah ranch. In the picture beneath we were standing about where my great grandfather would have unfurled his American flag on those early 4th of July mornings.

Note: These two paragraphs were preserved by A. O. Frazier's daughter, who gave a copy to my father, Glenn Frazier. The second paragraph sounds like he was recalling the celebrations later held in Woodruff township proper. The picture of the Walton family band is from the First 100 Years in Woodruff green history book.

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  1. Great pictures, good memories I would imagine. I love the copy of the Frazier Homestead that you gave me. It is great to know that the Woodruff 4th of July Homecoming Celebration continues each year.