Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Leon Morgan's empty bible.

Leon Morgan, son of Leonidas and Mary Rice Morgan

Four months ago I shared what I’d recently learned about John Morgan’s nephew Leon Morgan.

His friend, Mary Robak, wrote me back and asked if I would like Leon’s bible. My answer was a resounding YES!  She didn’t know anyone else who might be interested she said, and she included other memorabilia and papers to fill a small thirteen pound box. Leon’s interest in a variety of things filled the box.

She'd searched the bible and said there didn't appear to be any family history information.

During the years of their friendship Mary said Leon told her he was engaged at one time, but never married.
My guess is this back street filled with snow and car tracks was the one Leon Morgan used to reach his Chicago, Illinois home. That may be him standing with a cane partway down the alley. It was the only snapshot among his things.

Besides his bible and a copy of the book he wrote, which I posted a picture of earlier, the box was filled with papers and pamphlets, his college writing assignments, a World War I enlistment form, and a variety of his advertising and publishing projects.

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