Friday, October 9, 2009

Frank Union and Emily Rufi Frazier, Part 6.

Excerpts from Frank. U. Frazier 1947 Journal, continued here. Original spelling and punctuation retrained. The last entry from this journal is posted here.

Thurs., Jun 26--Leon. Loyal- Boy came about noon. Elmer, Verla, Harvey, Marry went to Coalvill for a check up- Marry stayed down. I raked all day over Creek got done about 6,30 didn’t get Milking done till 9,30.

Wed., Jul 9--Elmer & I went to Sam E. Chornius Funural at Tremonta Nick was sure glade to see us come. 202 miles. Nick has sure got a swell house.. didn’t have a bit of trouble with car run like a top.

Mon., Jul 14--Washed today- had quite a time with washer- Frankie, Mark finished J. Arthor Dean hay- and started Jake Rufi hay- I put the wheels under the derick and got ready to go up after the sheep in Francis heard- Frankie, I.

Tue., Jul 22--Emily Birthday- 61 years old- we all went up to Delora for supper- Gordon, Aunt Maud came their after supper. Elmer, boys went to show. Rain today. Arthor, I put a bridge across the little creek.

Sun., Aug 3--My birthday we had a dandy time togather. First I went to Sunday School and then came back to dinner. Aunt Maudie, Bruce, Delora was here when we came back, Elmer sold some cull ewes to Gale McKinnon for $12.00. 18 head

Wed., Aug 6--Elmer started to Mow the second crop on Island, over Creek, broke oil line on the tractor also three sections we started to put the hay up over creek. I finished Mowing the back south and Island North of the stackyard. Aunt Maude, Emily, Sherlay, Brent, Frankie and myself went to show, Mark came back with us.

Wed., Aug 20--Elmer took Verla to Coalville this Morning to stay. Glenn, Helen went with them, going to stay with Winnie place toNight. I sold three cows for $170.00 a piece or $510.00. May, Nick, Nola. I mowed some hay down in R.R. for Frankie.

Sat., Aug 23--We went up to see some cows of Rowlens Sims, they are Very good Cows. Fixed window in car. Glenn, Helen, children went to Randolph for a while.

Sun., Aug 31--We took Glenn, Helen, children up to Delora’s and had birthday dinner for Elmer and put them on “the train at 9,30” Sure had a swell time while he has been out. Dillon Terell came to see us this Morning.

Picture of Emily Rufi Frazier and daughter-in-law, Verla Madsen Frazier at the Frazier Woodruff Ranch, about the same time as the journal, from Glenn and Helen Rex Frazier collection. Frank Union Frazier 1947 journal in my possession. Are those dresses Emily and Verla wearing made from the same fabric. Who do you think made them?

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  1. The fabric looks the same. I'll bet your Grandma made them. I think it is cool your Grandpa kept a journal.