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John Hamilton Morgan Journal entries. 1885 Part 2 of 2.

Manassa, Colorado's first log cabin church and school house.

[Editor’s note: John Morgan continued with his responsibilities in the Southern States Mission from June 21, 1885. On August 27, 1885 he met Mellie (wife, Helen Melvina Groesbeck) and two of their children (one is Nicholas G.) in Pueblo, Colorado. They traveled together to the Colorado and Arizona settlements where John Morgan participated in multiple conferences. On September 14 they traveled from Snowflake to Taylor, Arizona, when he wrote the only comment he recorded about his family during that time. Our boy has caught the sore eyes. On September 19, 1885 they were back in Pueblo, Colorado.]

September 19
Took 7:40 train for Pueblo. Arrived at 10 a.m. and went over to North Pueblo and bought some things for Mellie and the children. At 12:30 p.m. saw them on board West bound train. Accompanied them as far as Canon City. Returned and started east at 4:45.

September 24
[Chattanooga since September 21, 1885] Attended to some writing and other business connected with the mission. Sent Annie $100.00 to come home on.

September 25
Went to Knoxville on the 10 a.m. train. Met and talked over the Christensen case with Gen. Thomburg and decided to try to stop prosecution by taking advantage of error in Court record. Returned to Chattanooga at 10 p.m. [This journal entry appears in Part 1 of this post.]

November 5
Busy during the day attending to mission correspondence and informing brother [unknown] Kimball of the details of the duties devolving upon him. In the p.m. received a telegram from A.M.M. [Annie Mildred Morgan] from N. Y. [New York] announcing her arrival. Started on the 10:20 p.m. to Kansas City to meet her.

November 7
Arrived in Kansas City at 9:20 a.m. Called at Mr. Moss’s office and coming up by the Cable Ry. Had an oyster stew for breakfast. Walked about town some and secured a boarding place at 805 Wyandotte Street. At 7:30 p.m. met A. M. M. and baby and accompanied them to our room. Pleased to be with them again.

November 10
[in Kansas City] Had a horse and buggy and rode out to Blair and Kauffman’s Nursery four miles from the city to see about some fruit trees. In the p.m. went to the Museum. Pleasant weather.

November 11
Met Mr. Blair of Blair and Kauffman, Nurserymen, and arranged for some fruit trees to ship to Manassa. In the p.m., attended Bartholomews Equine show at the Gillis Opera House, one of the finest shows I ever saw.

November 12
Very cold this a.m. Some little snow fell. Was out but little. Visited the slaughter pens and packing house of Amour and Co. and saw a big establishment for butchering cattle, hogs, and sheep. The baby is a little unwell with a cold and I find I am taking a heavy cold and feel quite feverish.

November 13
Walked out on the street with Annie and the baby twice during the day. ...

[November 14-19, John Morgan appears to leave Annie and their baby in Kansas City. He travels to Memphis and Chattanooga, conducts mission business, and arranges for emigrating saints.]
November 20
Arrived in Kansas City at 10:20 and met Annie and Ray. Had to lay over until 10:10 p.m. Visited two or three points about the city during the day. Left on time and all well.

November 22
Came in sight of the snow-capped mountains at daylight. Crossed LaVeta Pass in six inches of snow. Arrived at LaJara at 10 a.m. and went to Richfield. Held meeting at 2 p.m. After meeting drove to Manassa and held evening meeting.

November 23
Visited around among the saints during the forenoon and went to Antonito in the p.m. to buy some furniture.

November 24
At work at a house to move Annie into and had brother D. [Daniel] R. Sellers doing some carpenter work and Elihu Ball ? the crevises [sic].

November 25
At work at the house until late in the evening. In company with Pres. [Silas S.] Smith, and Elders Bean and Jolley, drove to Ephraim and held evening meeting.

November 26
Working about the house and getting ready to move in. Quite cold and blustery today.

November 27
Moved in today and put down the carpet and stayed at the house for the first night.
Part 1

J. Golden Kimball

Silas S. Smith

Picture of Manassa log school and church and John Hamilton Morgan Journal, Marriott Library, Special Collections, University of Utah. From The Life and Ministry of John Morgan, by Arthur M. Richardson, copyright 1965, Nicholas G. Morgan, Sr., pg. 146, Daniel R. Sellers, president, United Order of Pueblo (1877-78).


  1. I am imagining the house on the corner lot Mom and I saw last fall. I am also wondering where Annie lived before this house. Maybe that was part of the reason she went with Gr Grandpa Morgan and then to England?

  2. I agree! Annie was living in Salt Lake when baby Annie Ray was born December 14, 1884. She appeared to be living in the 10th Ward. Annie traveled East with John Morgan early in 1885, until he was called back to SLC because of Flora's passing (April 2, 1885). Annie didn't yet have a home outside of Utah to live in. It appears the home was only finished upon their return to Manassa in November. Did your imagination put a home on the lot designated as John Morgan’s when you visited Manassa last year? Or was there a home on it?