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Jacob and Anna Margaretha Tuck Rufi, Part 2 of 2

Active Church Worker
Answers Death Summons

Mrs. Jacob Rufi
[Deseret News November 14, 1919.] Mrs. Anna Rufi, widow of Jacob Rufi, 240 south Ninth East, died this morning at a local hospital. Mrs. Rufi was born in Germany 67 years ago and came to Utah 41 years ago, where she has since resided. She has been an active worker in the Eleventh ward for the last 37 years and was a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter-day Saints.

Mrs. Rufi is survived by six children: Mrs. Annie Frazier, Jake Rufi, and Emily Frazier of Woodruff, Utah; Agnes Frazier of Salt Lake; Wm. and David Rufi of Oakland California; also 14 grand-children. Funeral announcement will be made later.

The actual obituary, which follows, was too difficult to read. I snatched the picture (above) from Mother's picture pedigree chart.

Thinking I might find information about Jacob and Anna from early Eleventh Ward records I spent a few days at the Church History Library.

An early Minutes book (L2569, series 11) of the Eleventh Ward, organized April 26, 1882, John Coulam, Sec., has the following entry, Jacob Rufi ordained Elder, January 25, 1884 by John Coulam.

Anna Rufi is listed in the minutes of the Eleventh Ward Relief Society (L2569, series 14) between1884-1885. She is counted among the sisters in Block 9. At each Relief Society Teacher’s Meeting recorded, her visiting teachers, Sister Mary Nelson and Sister Mary A. Nelson, frequently list Anna and her contribution; soap, tea, or money; usually 15-25 cents. Accessing and reading those records on microfilm at the Church History Library is tedious and time consuming. I’ve enjoyed the course, but haven’t more time for it. I trust the obituary. And await another descendant coming forth with additional information.

I obtained a copy of Anna Margaret Tuck Rufi’s hand written patriarchal blessing. It was given to her in Salt Lake City, April 7, 1902 by Patriarch E. A. Richards.

Jacob died at home at 244 South 9th East, Salt Lake City, Utah on May 19 1916. The cause of his death on his State of Utah Death Certificate L664 isn’t legible, nor is much else. His wife Anna’s signature is clear and the only time I’ve seen it. I wasn’t able to find an obituary.

Anna died at LDS Hospital on November 14, 1919 at 1:40 a.m. She was operated on there November 12, 1919 for Cholecyptitis [sic] by Doctor George W. Middleton. A Cerebral Embolism was the cause of death. Her State of Utah—Death Certificate P-1727 was signed by Mrs. Thos. Frazier [daughter Agnes Rufi Driscoll Frazier]. Anna was living at 240 So 9th East, which was with Agnes. That was next door to the home she and Jacob raised their family in, 244 So. 9th East. Her age was listed as 67 years, 10 months, 26 days.
This 1975 picture of their adobe home at 244 South 900 East, Salt Lake City, Utah was taken by grandson Glenn Frazier. The home was demolished soon after and replaced by an apartment building. This home home had Jacob's "shoemaker" sign in front of it.

This large upright marker is in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, marking plots R_1_5_1,2_E. It is in the R block about 270 North [Grand Avenue] and 1100 East Street. Some of their descendants are buried near them.

This lovely portrait of their children was probably taken when they gathered for their mother's funeral in 1919. L-R, William, Annie, Emily, Jake, David, Agnes.

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