Friday, October 30, 2009

In Memory of Dale Brough Rex (1922-1944)

In the process of dismantling Helen Rex Frazier’s disintegrating scrapbook I’ve puzzled over what to do with some of the things that meant so much to her. Like this page. Filled with clippings she collected about her cousin Dale Brough Rex.
Born February 4, 1922 in Salt Lake City, Utah to Samuel Wayne Rex
(1915-1967) and Elizabeth [Aunt Bess] Smith (1890-1973).
He was killed December 18, 1944 in Saarlautern, Germany during World War

Reminders of the loss of her brother, John Morgan Rex, three years earlier. There aren’t dates, or the names of the newspapers these clippings came from.

Yesterday cousin Yara S. sent me this link to a 1944 News Real. Thank you, Yara! News shorts were projected onto movie theater screens before the main feature in those days. The first item on this clip is American General Irwin presenting the Distinguished Service Cross to Sergeant Dale Rex.

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History, Descendants, and History of William Rex & Mary Elizabeth Brough of Randolph, Utah, compiled and edited by Ronald Dee Rex, 1999, pgs. 206, 208, 213.


  1. Thanks for sharing this and many other stories here. I have done some research on this giant whose name I share, but had not previously seen these articles.

  2. This has turned out to be a perfect way to share the scrapbook page I didn't know what to do with.

  3. This scrapbook page is about my Uncle Dale, my grandma's brother. We have additional info about him and this branch of the family, if you end up delving into it.

  4. Thank you for your note Andrea. I recently found a good place to leave the scrapbook page I posted here. My mother collected and saved the articles, and since her book was falling apart I wanted family members who would appreciate it to have it. I left it in Randolph, Utah this summer with Dale Rex's niece. She presently lives in Uncle Sam and Bess Smith Rex's home there. I'm certain you are related to them too.