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John Hamilton Morgan, Manassa, Colorado, July 5-August 17, 1890, 1 of 2 parts.

John Hamilton and Annie Smith Morgan with their family; Annie Ray, Myrtle in front, and John Albemarle on his mother’s lap. This picture was taken June 19, 1890, at Marshall’s Gallery, Denver, Colorado.

Because of the John Morgan journal we know more about this 1890 picture of John Morgan’s family. His journal offers glimpses into family life such as this one, and the passing of Myrtle five weeks later. Perhaps they typify events, even pictures, with other family members that are yet to be discovered.

It is evident that John Morgan “catches up” at different times in his journal. These entries are exactly as they appear in the typed version of his journal at the Marriott Library, University of Utah. This 2 part post begins the day after John Morgan returned from a trip to the Manti Temple that is posted here.

July 5
Have finished tearing down the old building and the men are getting out the cellar for the new rapidly. [The old building is the Morgan Commercial College. John Morgan will build the Morgan Hotel on the same site.]

July 6 to 22
Have been busy with my building work and other duties. On the 22 started for Colorado over the U. P. at 5 p.m.

July 23
Had breakfast at Rawlings. Changed cars at Cheyenne and arrived at Denver at 7:45 p.m. Left for Manassa at 11:30 p.m.

July 24
Arrived at the crossing at 12 m. Team met me and learned that little Myrtle had the measles and was quite sick. On arriving home found her very sick with pneumonia. Labored with her the rest of the day and night. She suffered severely but was very patient.

July 25
Continued nursing Myrtle who seemed satisfied only on my lap. She showed some better indications today.

July 26
No improvement in our little one’s condition. Still we are doing everything we can to help her.

July 27
Myrtle worse this a.m. and very seriously sick. Have had her administered to and doing everything in our power.

July 28
As the first rays of the sun shone through the window our darling died in my arms, quietly and peacefully falling asleep. A dear gentle good spirit, all too good for this world of sin and misery. The friends and neighbors came in and did all they could for us showing every kindness.

July 29
Funeral at 2 p.m. today. Brother [probably Brigham Henry] Roberts and [probably William] Spry were the speakers, having arrived on the noon train. A large attendance and everything that loving hands could do, done.

July 30
Rained and very wet so that it is almost impossible to do anything.

July 31
At work trying to get the weeds out of the trees and garden that are about to take everything.

August 1
Still at work with the weeds, and received a telegram notifying me of brother [probably George] Goddard coming.

August 2
Both the other children taking down with the measles, the baby breaking out heavy. Ray complaining.

August 3
Both children in bed with measles, but doing well.

August 4
Ray, up and about the house. Got the trees plowed out and trimmed.

August 5
At work about the corrall [sic] and making hayracks, preparatory to haying.

August 6
Plowed the potatoes and hoed them. The children much improved.

(To be continued.)

John Morgan Journal and picture from John Morgan collection at the Marriott Library, Special Collections, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.


  1. So sad. I'm glad he was there at the time of her passing. Thanks to you we know the secrets of this picture. (the numbers).

  2. Your posts make me happy and sad. I love the Frazier ones. So many good names in them:)