Monday, October 12, 2009

Frank Union and Emily Rufi Frazier, Part 7.

Excerpts from Frank. U. Frazier 1947 Journal, continued . Original spelling and punctuation retrained. The last entry from this journal is posted here.

Fri., Sept 5--I help Emily wash this fore noon and raked this after noon. Elmer got through Mowing. We bought our peaches this morning from Mr. Hasting 7 bu peaches, ½ tomatoe, ½ concord grapes.

Sat., Sept 6—[No entry. I wonder if he helped Emily bottle fruit? Too tired to write?]

Sun., Sept 7--Went up and cut Francis lambs out. Went to Ogden and stayed all night.
Lambs weighed 92 fats
feeders- 74
743 head
got $25.35 for fats
$21.75 for feeders

Fri., Sept 12--Rich County Fair. Elmer took sheep down with Ray Cox’s truck. Jake, Bill went with Me in car- 1 Grand Champ, 4 First, 5 Seconds, 4 thirds. The parade was surely a dandy. Dell Adams was representing Jim Bridger.

Thurs., Sept 18--We came home today, roads was surely bad on the Mountain, got home to Night found All well.

Fri., Sept 19--Elmer, Francis went up to finish Nick with last heard and stayed all night. I cleaned the Coop and put some straw in. Shelby brough his car for Emily to use while our car is in hills.

Sat. Sep 20--I finished the Mowing third crop Lucurn over Creek and raked the hay in R.R.

Sun., Sept 28--The Folks all went to Sunday School but Me and Brenda Dee. Delora’s boy came down for a while. Afternoon Elmer, I, boys went to Randolph to look at some cows- Elmer sold two buck lambs to Tayle McKinnon for $100.00.

Sat., Oct 4--I went out and helped Lyn Huffaker thrash grain in afternoon. Fixed fences in the Morning. Verla folks came out and stayed all night.

Mon., Oct 13--Started to dig potatoes for Arthor Dean.

Fri., Oct 17--I went to Kemmer with Fredricks, Shelby, Will Rex and stayed with them to a banquet, got home at 15 to 12. Dr. Hawkins, Herald came last night, also Dale’s Boys.
Sat., Oct 18--I went with the Dr. up in Deanholler this Morning. Elmer sold 6 bucks to Charley Francis for $300.00. Quite a lot people had their treatments today.

Sun., Oct 19--I went to Union Meeting at Evanston, Gerli, Putman, Dorthy Dean went with me had a flat coming home, got home at 1 o’clock

Picture of Elmer Frank Frazier with dogs on Frank Union Frazier's farm truck in front of the "old yellow house' at the Frazier Woodruff Ranch, about the same time as the journal, from Glenn and Helen Rex Frazier collection. Frank Union Frazier 1947 journal in my possession.

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