Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Helen Rex Frazier 1979 autobiography conclusion

Grandma Morgan [Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan] made a white dress for me and entered it in the State Fair. We had a Christmas Program and I learned “The Night before Christmas” and wore the white dress.

Fourth grade my teacher was Rachel Pickett (Wilson), fifth grade was Mrs. Mary Israelson and sixth grade teacher was her husband Vernon Israelson. The first 5 grades we went to the red brick school house, but in the sixth grade I/we went to the high school up on the hill. Glen Moss taught me in the 7th and 8th grades and then I went into high school where I had two teachers in the 9th grade; Mr. Maughn and Miss Shipley.
Mother wanted her children to have every opportunity for a good education. The High School in Randolph was small, with only the basics being taught. When I was in the 10th grade I lived in Salt Lake with Mother’s brother’s family; Uncle Earl [Gerard Earl Morgan], Aunt Merin [Merin Birgitta Engman Morgan], and Jerry and attended LDS High School. I also took violin lessons from Arilia Cook Schrymer at the McCune School of Music on North Main Street. The Church Office Building and Relief Society Buildings now stand where LDS High and Jr. College stood.

After one year at LDS it was decided that I should finish my high school in Randolph. The High Schools in Randolph and Woodruff had been consolidated. Ruben Law was the principal. He was a young man very interested in teaching and in improving the educational opportunities in Rich County. I participated in High School activities playing in the school orchestra, singing in the glee club, taking parts in school plays and public speaking.

In 1930 when I was 17 a special event happened in our family. Flora Elizabeth was born on April 7, 1930, one week to the day after my birthday. We were all so happy with her. Her arrival helped my mother through some very trying times—the great depression had started—the bank in Kemmerer went broke and Father lost the ranch on Bear River and most of his livestock. The house in Randolph was saved. The only time I saw Mother cry hard was when father came back from the bank. I went up stairs and she was lying on her bed, her glasses off, and her eyes red as she told me what had happened. They had worked so hard so they could be financially able to send their children to college and now all of her plans came tumbling down.

I finished high school and went to Utah State Agriculture College in Logan one semester. However, in the fall of 1932 I went to LDS Business College and worked in a home for my board and room. I took shorthand, typing, and bookkeeping. I worked for the County Assessor for Rich Co. to get some money for my tuition. I did not graduate from LDS Business College because the County Agriculture Agent could give me work in his office part time and there was a young man in Woodruff who made me want to be at home.

I took the picture of the McCune Mansion on North Main Street, Salt Lake City, this Spring.Helen Rex on right standing on steps of LDS High. Liberty Park monument, Salt Lake City, L-R Helen Rex Frazier, Jerry Morgan, unknown. Flora Elizabeth Rex Lamborn in goat cart. Glenn Frazier and Helen Rex drinking root beer, about 1934.


  1. How fun to read your mother's history. I remember little red wooden chairs in 1st grade surely they could not have been the same as the church ones! In the picture in Liberty Park your mother reminds me of Susan for some reason. Maybe because they are mother and daughter. Did Susan ever wear a hat with a 4-H dress she made?

  2. Isn’t the resemblance remarkable? I don't remember Susan wearing a hat with a 4-H dress. I checked that page in the scrapbook. No hat.