Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bessie Morgan Rex - letter written September 6, 1936.

This picture was found on pg 175 of Randolph a Look Back, published 1981.

Randolph, Utah
Sunday even - Sept 6 [1936]

Dear Boy below the equator,
I am so ashamed. I let last week slip without writing to you. We received your very welcome letter, and each day I was sure I was going to answer. I was putting up fruit & beets, however so again you must forgive me. It is nearly Mutual time, but I shall stay home and write letters. Don McK. Is sitting talking about the church garden. They will get 25 or 30 tons of potatoes off of their patch. The crops are wonderful, 41 sacks of peas.

Now the men have gone, so I shall try to concentrate my thots if Maeser doesn’t drive me off asking me to spell words. They have made the frames to pour the cement in for the new amusement hall. It will be a lovely building. Daddy works there every day & the boys have been putting up the hay, with Jack McK’s help. Tomorrow is school, and so they must go, but they will have to finish

Asters - Wikipedia

A stack or two. Flora goes to school too. Is she thrilled?

I have a beautiful bouquet of asters on the table. Vilage Barton gave them to daddy. We prize the flowers we raise, surely.

Oh news, Leland Rex is teaching in Laketown. You knew Glen was teaching here. Fred will soon be home. And Dallas J. Glen Rex’s house is nearly built. Bob & Pearl  [Rex] had their boy blessed today. He is a cute little rascal. Max Argyle & Madeline Reay have their recommends to go to the temple [note: NFS doesn't have them married to each other]. Things will be changed when you come home, young man. Don says Roy is having the time of his life.

You say it will get very hot there. Be sure you are in a place where it does not bother you too much. I do hope you take care of yourself.

We received the receipt for the $30.00 we sent, and they didn’t get it off any sooner. I was afraid they wouldn’t. Sis. Jones came in & left a dollar for you. Will send it with your check. I don’t believe it is a good idea to send it in a letter is it. Don McK wanted 

 to send you a dollar too.

Can’t understand you not getting a letter for two weeks. We have written every week until last week. I am feeling so much better than I have felt for a long time. I believe I have a cure for my stomach. I can eat almost any thing and am feeling so much stronger.

Mr. & Mrs. Jackson always ask about you.

Well, here it is Monday morning, the first day of school. Here was such a hubbub last night. I doubt if my letter makes sense. It is quite frosty this morning.

I wanted to ask you, could we send you a fruit cake or something that would not spoil. Be sure & tell me.

I hope you can make Maeser’s letter out. There was a real funeral here. Poor little Hickey dead. It made us all sick. I think we better quit ranching altogether.

Politics are getting hotter. It is going to be a close race. I wouldn’t be
surprised if Gov. Blood was defeated in Utah. The Democrats are divided. Ray Dillman of Roosevelt is the GOP candidate.

Oh dear, here are the men. I shall have to stop & put breakfast on.

I shall have to use pencil. Helen is ordering some medicine, & using her pen. Well, dearie, this is a disjointed letter certainly.

Everybody seems to have plenty to do, but the profits aren’t heavy. If everybody is busy tho’, that is the best part of life. I have the best poem, but I will get Helen to copy it first.

I am glad you are making good use of your time. Time will go much faster if you keep busy. Take care of your health. That comes first. Don’t neglect us, if I am negligent sometimes. Helen says she will write next time. I know the Lord is helping, and you will be well cared for. Love & kisses from all of us.

Loving, Mother

For further information on the 1936 Utah election in the Utah History Encyclopedia, scroll down here.

Its impossible to know which of the poems pasted into Grandma Bessie's scrapbook is the one she wanted to send to Harold. Perhaps it was this one.


  1. What a dilightful letter. You are so right about learning more about Grandma Bessie from these letters.

  2. Yes, we are getting a glimpse of someone we never knew...a very different glimpse from what I had in my mind.

  3. All my life I've wished I knew Grandma Bessie. Now I see her in her letters, and I'm loving it--her!