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#3 Beryl Burt Sanborn. Part 2.

Once when Beryl was able to get away from the fields and garden,
she did go swimming. 
A photographer snapped this picture, and it appeared on the front side of a Post Card

Typed on the face of the card is, Aunt* Beryl is on picture
also Bessie Love, wife of Earl Love.

The penned in * star identifies Beryl. My guess is she’s 14-16 years old.

Is this happy group of women at Saltair or Blackrock Beach?

James Burt in front of his home at 407 East 39th South
Salt Lake City, Utah

Continued from Part 1
Beryl wrote that after she and Pete were married in 1929 they lived near the fairgrounds.  Pete’s parents, George Benjamin and Amy Lavena Haywood Sanborn, lived at 928 West South Temple, near the fairgrounds. In the 1929 Salt Lake City Directory Albt [Pete] Sanborn is listed as a chfr [chauffer] boarding at 138 South 10th West.

Currently the Utah State Fairgrounds address is 155 North 1000 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116.

A year later Pete and Beryl moved to Euclid Avenue. Their two oldest children were born while they lived there; Albert James “Jim” on May 25, 1930 [he died December 22, 1993] and Amy Marlene on November 22, 1931 [she died July 12, 2009].

By 1937 Pete and Beryl were living at 1044 Euclid Avenue in Salt Lake City, and Pete continued working for the gas company. In early city directors he was listed as a meterman, a repairman, or a helper. He was employed by Mountain Fuel company for 42 years.

Beryl’s mother, Amelia, became ill during the late 1930’s and following her death on March 13, 1939, Pete and Beryl moved to 4th East and 39th South to take care of Beryl’s father, James. They lived with him a year, then decided to build their own home.
James Burt had carefully acquired his home and farmland years earlier. Beryl’s oldest sister, Margaret, wrote that while James and Amelia Burt lived in his mother’s home on I street and 5th Avenue in Salt Lake City, “James kept a cow and a horse which he used to hitch to the wagon and go to work. Irene and Margaret delivered milk to several of the neighbors, and when their deliveries were finished, they played on the foothills and gathered sego lilies” … James “preferred to raise the family on a farm rather than in the city so he began a search for suitable property. He located ten acres of land in Mill Creek, on 39th South and 3rd and 4th East. He didn’t move his family down until he had a lovely two story red brick home built, had planted an orchard, lawn and shade trees.”

Margaret said, “he had everything ready for them when they came to the place.” They moved their between 1900 and 1903. In 1922 one of the younger boys threw a sparkler on the roof of this home and burned it down. All of the family pictures and records were destroyed at this time. The house was re-built as a one story home.”

James Burt gave portions of his land to each of his children. Beryl and Pete built their home on land at 3873 South 4th East. The field at the back of their home always housed a big beautiful garden; first James' and then Pete and Beryl's.

The house Pete and Beryl Sanborn built 
at  3873 South 4th East, Salt Lake City, Utah
(To be continued.)
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