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Bessie Morgan Rex - letter written August 20, 1936.

 Helen worked as a secretary for the Rich County Agent, Mr. Guyman, for several years, in this building. -- "Helen Rex Frazier Biography," History, Descendants, and Ancestry of William Rex & Mary Elizabeth Brough of Randolph, Utah, page 272.

(illegible) so I don’t think you need to register them.
Randolph, Utah
Aug. 20, 1936
My dearie,

Oh dear, it seems I have such a time getting a letter off to my boy. Each day I promise myself the sun shall not set without this letter being written. And here it is Friday. Haven’t been feeling so hot tho’ and I have 8 to cook for. Daddy is working on the amusement hall, and Jack McK. & the boys are putting up the hay.

The weather has been so grand, but the nights get cooler, & I suppose one of these mornings I shall waken to find my flowers gone.

Helen is very busy at the office & a little worried too. You never know what this govt is going to do next. That is the worst of these Democrats. Did I tell you I was in love with Alf Landon’s face. Have you seen his picture? He looks such a good man. Have just been listening to a talk from France about conditions in Spain. I hope the U. S. can keep out of that mixup over there. And I hope that country in S.A. keep quiet until my son 

gets out of it.

Tomorrow is 4H club day at Bear Lake. Helen & the boys are going over. Morg has a fine looking calf out here, but that doesn’t interest him. He is airminded. He is building a plane now that he designed himself. Some boy. Darwin is still here. Have you written to any of your relations in S. L. outside of Winnie. Oh, I don’t care. Don’t neglect her. She certainly looks forward to you letters.

We have some building program on around here. Glen Rex is building a house next to Sis. Wilbur. Geo. Kennedy Sr. is building back of the garage & the new hall on the corner.

Did I tell you Dwain N. was going to Alaska to teach? I think that’s great. Goodness gracious, here comes Helen home from work. I know the day is nearly done. Supper, dishes & bed. Such a life.

Well, I shall send this off this morning and send it if it is all that goes.

My dearie, we received your letter the 17th asking for some money. I’m afraid it wont go until the 30th as they only send it twice a month. We are sending 30$ with Bishop Larsen. Do hope you are making out. Wish we could send you more. Well dearie, the Lord will help I know. Love and kisses from all of us and a big hug & kiss from Mother.

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