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P. H. and Bessie Rex - letters of July 16, 19, 1936.

P. H. Rex and others working a derrick in about 1936 near Randolph, Utah.

Randolph, Utah
July 16, 36
My Dear Son Harold,

Just a few lines to let you know how we are up here in the land of the north. We are all fine at present with exception of Winnie. She had her appendix cut out Monday evening, 13 of July. She came up to see us on Sunday in just the pink of condition but when she got up on Monday morning, didn’t feel well and the operation is what developed. Uncle Will took Mother and I down Monday evening. We got there while they had her on the table, but Uncle Jack [1] and Aunt Gail [2] and Gail [3] were with her. And she came out in very good shape. Her pulse and temperature were normal on Tuesday evening and she was having the best of care and lots of company, so we came home and we haven’t heard from there since. But I am sure she is O.K. or else we would have,  from someone.

We are having some little sun here now. Flora is trying to get her second tooth out. You know Mother she can’t rest until there is a loose tooth out.

She doesn’t want her mother to pull [it] out, she is trying to get it herself.
The boys are out on the lawn having a little fun. We have Darwain [Darwin] Clayton [4] here now so I have three boys now, and one in South America. We have started haying. We sure have some good crops and not nearly so many fox tails. We have been having some of your rains up here. We had one of the grandest rains Sat night and Sunday we have had in a long time
We received the cards you sent to Winnie, also the picture of your four boys from your last letter. You have something to bother you sometimes, but my advice to you is to keep your angry passions down and don’t argue with a fool are [or] a drunk person as you couldn’t change their mind.

We haven’t started to build the opera house as yet but we expect to before long but it is going to be hard to get men for a while, until part of the hay is up
I had better close now as my paper is nearly full. I wish you could send us a roll of those pictures of your country. Is it all as badly broken up as it is around that harbor? May the Lord ever bless and inspire you in your labors, is the prayer of your Father. P. H. Rex

P.S. Helen is a little bit jealous of my writing to you as I never wrote to her. [Bessie’s hand] Helen said she is not.

Flora got her tooth out, so she has the bottom front two out.

[letter written by Bessie]
Randolph, Utah
July 19, 1936

My dear darling boy,
Really, son, I mean it. I would give much to give you a good big hug right now, but never mind—time is flying isn’t it. I must write a few lines tonight, tho’ I’m so tired. We went to Evanston to Pres. Baxter’s [5] funeral. He had a very nice funeral. Pres. [Rudger] Clawson, of the twelve was up. It was so hot tho’, I’m all in. Well, I also saw a lovely little girl. She looked very sweet and her mother said she had received an airmail letter. I suppose Winnie has  told you they were down last week and brot [sic] Winnie. They were shocked when I told them about her being operated on. She will soon be home now.

Bishop would like us to go on a trip thro’ Yellowstone Park and up to Billings, Mont. With them. I should love to, if we can scrape up a little money.

Before I forget, I saw Bp. Larson [6] today. He wanted your address, so I shall send it to him. He would like to hear from you and he will write. H was very nice today.

It is Mon. morning and I must hurry this off. Rather cloudy and oh so warm.
Must tell you about Dallas. He has developed ulcers of the stomach. Do be careful about your eating. Keep your stomach in good conditions. He is quite sick and miserable, and folks are worried.

The men are haying. Darwin is here with us. Big hay crop this year. Had plenty of water. We went up to see the church gardens. They look pretty good.

Do hope you keep well. I sometimes wonder about that climate. Your picture looks good tho’. We are jealous. I told Clara Winnie had a picture of you. Everybody asks how you are. Hope your hay fever has gone. Take care of your chest and lungs.

I had much more to tell you but I can’t think fast enough.

Remember, we are always thinking of you, my dear. I am glad you enjoy your work. And will you learn Portugese too. My, some linguist with three languages.

I must close, We are having Winnie come home on the through bus, I guess, and we must get these letters off. Love and kisses and the Lord’s blessings my dear. I know he will be with you.
Lovingly Mother

NFS New Family Search
[1] John "Jack" Clayton (1882-1974)
[2] Gail Morgan Clayton (1888-1984)
[3] Gail Clayton (1919-1968)
[4] Darwin Spencer Clayton Sr (1921-1997)
[5] John McKinnon Baxter  Description: Disputed. Click for details(1859-1936)
[6] Oluf Larson (Randolph Bishop 1922-1929)

Grandpa P. H. Rex used long sentences in this letter. I added some punctuation to make it easier to read.


  1. Thank you for your post about the JHM website. Please count me in to help with the plaque.
    Bishop Larsen left money for a "missionary fund". The interest helped many Randolph missionaries for many years and then it was turned over to the general church fund and I imagine it is still helping missionaries.

  2. Thank you Flora Lee, and for the information about Bishop Larsen. I've seen his name in more than one letter from Grandma Bessie.