Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bessie Morgan Rex - letter written July 7, 1936.

Sample of the Rich County Reaper Bessie refers to.  

Are you getting the Reaper? Wm Marshall has sent it to you. If you write to him watch your spelling. He publishes the letters. Isn’t your mother the limit?

Randolph, Utah
July 7, 1936

My dear faraway boy,
I must get this letter written tonight. It is two days late now. I am ashamed & apologize, but that doesn’t help your waiting, does it? I received your letter addressed to me. Now dearie, did I scold you so much? You should know me. Why your father thinks I must be sick if I don’t do just so much scolding. But please dearie, don’t register your letters. They are coming every week now regularly, & it costs to register them.

I think the hotel where you stay seems real nice from the picture & if you are putting on weight the way you say you are, I think you are being fed all right. You didn’t say anything about your hayfever. Is it better? I hope so. I am so glad you are enjoying your mission, but my- you are serious.

The sky is all cloudy & maybe we will get some rain. We are  far more fortunate than the poor people in the Midwest. Drouth  [sic] has taken their crops, & the thermometer has been above 100 for days. We have plenty of water this year. It surely is grand.

The campaign is going to be hot this summer & fall. Would you like to have been here?

Roosevelt is not nearly so sure of himself since the Rep. convention, as he was before. Oh my dear, that pen is a mess. It keeps stopping on me. This old pencil is much better. I’m sure I can give you the news better.

First of all. The building program is causing much controversy. I hope they soon settle down to work. This picture will give you some idea of what has happened to the opera house. We have had a good laugh at these pictures. Guess you will too.

The 4th of July has gone by, but my such a toll of accidents. 444 in the nation. Helen told you of the deaths in Evanston.

Well, back to the pen. Maeser wants to write with the pencil. Oh dear, Helen is typing a story for me & between her and Measer my mind is fairly addled.

I was speaking of politics. I am ready to fight this year.WPA men are the only ones who can get any work. I am disgusted.

I’m afraid you will be waiting for a letter this week all right. Hope you like these pictures, of these good looking folk.

Well dearie, I better not write on another page. This letter will be heavy enough.

Be a good boy, & may the Lord bless you. I surely feel all right about you, even if you are a long way from home.

Oh, I forgot, Mrs. Sam Nelson of Bountiful was here on the 4th & she told me of a missionary who had been in Brazil a year over time. Now I have forgotten his name. He liked it down there. Well, I’m sure I wont want you to stay that long overtime. Well I’ll do better next week. Love & kisses from all.

Lovingly Mother.


  1. After how many months of not being able to comment I think I just figured it out. Duh
    I have never seen what the Rich County Reaper looked like. Thanks.

  2. How nice to have a comment from you. I thought I might find a letter from Harold published in the Reaper--no luck yet. I was fortunate to even clip a portion of the paper to post.