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Percy Harold Rex - letter written June 14, 1936.

Randolph, Utah
June 14-36
Dear Son,

My Dear Boy we received your letter of May 17 last night and was [were] very glad to hear from you and to know you were well and enjoying your labors. We are all in fine shape up here. Winnie has been home here for the past ten days and we sure enjoy her company, she is a wonderful daughter.

You ask about the river, it got so high that it ran over the road on the other side of the bridge in Uncle Alfs pasture. We have plenty of water although it is some what lower now it was quite cold here for a few days so that is the reason it fell down, but I think there is enough snow left yet to make it come up again.

I traded with Louie  Molouf the Jew a week ago and got a bay mare, she is a lot like the old Dot mare that I let the D.L. and L.S. co. have on the old sheep, I quite like her. I guess by the time you get this letter we will be getting ready to put up the hay again. We are working

On the Church Building program. We have torn all the old wood floor and wainscoating [sic] out of the basement and he [in] the opera house, soon to the windows in the blocks. When you come home we will have the new ones all broken in.

We had a farewell last Wed. nite for Wayne, he is in the mission home now. (he is so thrilled as Aunt Bess would say), he goes down to the Southern States. He will be home now before you are. I was talking to Don Mc. Roy is in Montana now, he is enjoying his labors very much.

Bob Wamsley is [in] the state of Kentucky, his father said he had had the pleasure of sleeping in an old school house. He said he nearly froze before morning came. Dallas has been put in as District President.
Quite a few of the people are down to June Conference so we had a very small meeting, it was held in the evening. We need to come out in the mission field and get a new flock. I must close now, asking the Lord to Bless and inspire you so you may fulfill and [an] honorable mission and be a credit to yourself.

With lots of Love,
Your Father P.H. Rex

Picture from Randolph, A Look Back, written and compiled by Steven L. Thomson, Jane D. Digerness, MarJean S. Thomson, 1981.

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