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Bessie Morgan Rex - letter written June 11, 1936.

Randolph, Utah
June 11, 1936
My dear son,

As I wrote that date, I was reminded of the fact that P H Rex & Co lacked just one year of a quarter of a century since its foundation. What a change. When I think of you way down “thar” us way up “har”-- it just doesn’t seem real.

We had a letter from you last Sat. & Winnie’s letter was forwarded to her & we had it Tuesday. I do hope you are getting our mail more regularly. It helps out, I think. I believe you are growing up fast. I am glad you enjoy your work- & surely hope you manage your German, I can say “Ich kunn Deutchin sprachen.” Is that right?

They had Wayne’s farewell last night. He goes to the mission home Monday. Winnie played for congregational singing & it sounded good to have that organ dusted out. She & I have decided she is to go on a mission when you come home. She will be just 20. The opera house is coming down fast. Some busy town, this.

Winnie has one more week home. It surely 

Seems good to have her home.

Summer is really here at last, alto’ it froze just three nights ago. If getting a taste of things makes one appreciate them, we should appreciate summer here. My flowers are so slow. The garden is just showing. I feel sometimes like I could wade thro’ a jungle, just to see tall plants & small flowers all around me.
We had a party here for Wayne Tue. Night. Aunt Maud & Uncle Alf were in Logan. Uncle Will was sick & Uncle Arth & Aunt Caddie wouldn’t come. We had quite a nice time tho’. Sunday is M.I.A. conference in S.L. Don’t suppose we will go tho’.

I can’t think in the afternoon. 5 a.m. is my time to write letters. My brain works better.

Oh dear, here it is Mon & our boy will miss a week. We will do better this week dearie. Our great fault-procrastination. Don’t worry over your little troubles, and just plug away. Love & Kisses from all of us & we pray for the Lord’s choicest blessings on our dear one far down these Americas.
Lovingly, Mother

Perhaps Bessie hoped the drama she wrote for the silent screen, The Light Eternal, A Drama in Six Reels, would be produced and could be shown here in the Randolph Opera House.  Picture from Randolph, A Look Back, written and compiled by Steven L. Thomson, Jane D. Digerness, Mar Jean S. Thomson, 1981

“In June 1908, the six Rex brothers, William, Alfred, Arthur, Samuel, John Oseland, and Percy joined a partnership and purchased the Ford Ranch east of Randolph.”  History,  Descendants, and Ancestry of William Rex & Mary Elizabeth Brough of Randolph, Utah, compiled and edited by Ronald Dee Rex, 1999, page 86. 

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