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John Morgan and Joseph Standing Mission Travels continue. April 29 - May 5, 1876.

Today's only church in Johnsonville, Indiana from Wikipedia
(Continued from here.)

“was treated very kindly by all especially by Mr. Johnson’s folks”
This statement from John Morgan's previous journal entry has become a theme for this area and time and the people he is meeting in and around Johnsonville, Indiana. They became his life-long friends. 

Perrysville, Indiana, April 29, 1876 – Stayed over the forenoon at Mr. Johnson’s during the forenoon and came over to Mr. Crouch’s where I had supper and talked with an ex-minister for quite awhile. Spoke to Mr. Wright’s to a large audience. Received a letter from Mellie. All Well.

Perrysville, Indiana, April 30, 1876 – Came over to Mr. Jones’, had dinner; put on clean shirt and walked down to the Grange Hall. Had supper with a Mr. Wright, spoke to a large house and was earnestly asked to come back again, which we promised to do. Had a good meeting.

Covington, Indiana, May 1, 1876 – Walked across the country to Mr. Shelby’s this morning. Got my box of clothing from Normal, rode around with Mr. Shelby some length of time. Cool and unpleasant.

Covington, Indiana, May 2, 1876 – Remained at Mr. Shelby’s during the day. Read. Talked and slept in the evening. Went down to town to hold meeting and found the Hall locked. Quite cool.

Over the River, May 3, 1876 – Went to town this morning and made arrangements for meeting Friday night. Walked over to Jones’ and secured two school houses to speak in; stayed all night at Mr. Jones’. Do not feel as well as I might.

May 4, 1876 – Walked up to Mr. Salt’s where I had dinner, went to see the School Marm about the School house. Had a pleasant talk; obtained her consent and appointed a meeting. Plowed a round for a man. Came on down to Salt’s who crossed me over the river in a canoe. Came on to Shelby’s and spent the balance of the day in talking with Joe and Shelby. Cool. Wrote a letter to Jimmie.

Covington, Indiana, May 5, 1876 – Wrote a letter to the People’s Paper and some letters to others. Went fishing in the afternoon and got very wet.

(To be continued.)
John Hamilton Morgan Journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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