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John Morgan and Joseph Standing Mission Travels continue April 24-28, 1876.

John Morgan and Joseph Standing Mission Travels Continued from here and here.

Mt. Zion, Indiana, April 24, 1876 – Crossed over the river this morning and had dinner with Mr. Williams. Assisted Mr. Jones to roll some logs together and then went to Mr. Garrison’s. Spoke at Mt. Zion School House to a very full house and a Mr. Samuel Cole after asking numerous questions challenged me to debate and was accepted. Stayed all night at Mr. Garrison’s.

Bunker Hill, April 25, 1876 – Visited at a Mr. Wrights, this morning and had a talk with an old lady 86 years old. Make an appointment to preach at his house Saturday. Came to Mr. Jones’ and had dinner, then to Mr. Wm. Salt’s. Preached at the School house to a good sized audience who gave close attention. Pleasant weather.

Sumter, April 26, 1876 – Went fishing this A.M. with Mr. Salts. Laid down after dinner and slept an hour or two. Came on up to Frank Salts’ and spent the afternoon. Spoke at the school house in the evening to a small (dead) audience, who gave poor attention. The power of the evil one is at work in this locality. Stayed all night with Mr. Salts. Was treated kindly.

Brush College, April 27, 1876 – Joseph layed out last night in a clearing, alongside of a log heap. Started out to find him this morning and after walking some miles found him at the log heap. Walked some distance into the woods. Had prayer and read the first Chapter in the Voice of Warning. Came up to Mr.  [blank space] ploughed during the afternoon for him. Rained at night.

Johnsonville, Indiana, April 28, 1876 – Remained at Mr. [blank space] during the morning. Came over to Mr. Jas. Johnson’s and spent the day talking and listening to Miss Dora play the piano. Spent the day very pleasantly and nice. A lady school teacher visited in the afternoon. Spoke at night to a moderate sized audience at Brush College and had close attention paid; was treated very kindly by all especially by Mr. Johnson’s folks. Found a copy of the “Woman’s Exponent” here that I read with interest.

(To be continued.)

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  1. I don't think missionary journals of today would say,"went fishing".